Friday 17 February 2012

Tag, You're It

It's that time again - Tag, you're it. The rules are as follows - 

1) You must post the rules
2) Post 12 fun facts about yourself in the blog post
3) Answer the questions the tagger has set for you in their post and then create 12 new questions for the fellow bloggers you plan to tag
4) Tag 12 people and link to them on your blog
5) Let them know you tagged them

I have been tagged by Trouble Doubled, so here goes. .  .

12 fun facts about myself:

1)  I own a ridiculous amount of shoes.  Enough for a small country.  But they are ALL necessary.

2) My eyes are not very straight any more, I am definitely developing lazy eye.  Perfect for a toddler who doesn't know which one I am looking out of.

3) I once got dragged on stage in a London Theatre watching the reduced Shakespeare company to be Ophelia.  I still have not got over how terrifying it was.

4)  I love my onesies. Not to sleep in, but they make fantastic loungewear and I have quite a few now.  My favourite one is a bunny one, and it has ears and a tail!

5)  I taught myself to drink coffee when I was studying for my finals at university.  Started with mocha and caramel lattes, and as soon as I could bear them I moved onto something stronger.

6)  I'm struggling already, twelve will be a challenge, apparently I am not that interesting!   errr I like beer.  I nearly always pick a pint of beer over a glass of wine.

7)  When I was younger I really wanted septuplets.  Now, I am not sure how I would cope with twins!

8) My little sister and I celebrate each other's half birthdays, and I am hoping that she reads this as a reminder that mine is fast approaching!

9)  I love books, and don't let the baby hold them because I don't want them chewed.  He can chew anything else, but not the books.

10) My hair has been pretty much every colour under the sun, including but not limited to red, black, blonde and blue.

11) I got a tattoo done above a pub at 2am in Vietnam.  It was actually really lovely and clean in there, and I don't regret a thing.

12)  For my 21st birthday, I had a big kids party complete with bouncy castle, pass the parcel and jelly and ice-cream
21st birthday party,
I'm in the green dress.

Wow! Can't believe I thought of 12.  Now to answer the questions:

1) Do you like being tagged in memes? This is my first, but yes I do, you may tag me again.

2) Ant or Dec? The dark haired one, whichever that is.

3) Winx Club is an abhorrence to post-feminist thought and should be banned from our TV screens. Discuss.  I had to google this, as far as I can see it is a cartoon? I currently have no opinion.

4) What is the greatest TV theme tune in the history of TV?  Easy one. . Fun house, it's a whole lot of fun, prizes to be won, if you wanna play the game then you gotta be insane!  Still get it stuck in my head now.

5) If you had to pimp your kids out for cash, would they be child models, a cute all-singing all-dancing supergroup, or up chimneys?  A child model.  He is a little young for the other two and too good looking for the chimney.  Plus, it pays better!

6) Will there ever be a boy born that can swim faster than a shark?  No, but there might be rocket propelled flippers. I would get me some of those!

7) If you could only ever eat one chocolate bar for the rest of your life, which would it be?  Cadbury's Twirl.  No contest.

8) What would be your specialist subject on Mastermind? Cloth nappies at the moment, I do know a lot about them now.  or Harry Potter.

9) Can you play a musical instrument?  Do saucepan drums count?

10) If you were a character in a novel, who would you be?  Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice.  A bit stubborn, but ends up with the right man.

11) Who let the dogs out? Who, who, who, who?  I blame the baby.  Always blame the baby. He can't speak to defend himself yet.

12) What is your favourite song?  Numb by Linkin Park and Jay-z, or I believe by Savage Garden, or Adele- Rolling in the Deep.  Too hard to pick one.

and I tag. . . 

Sarah @ Fluffydumplings
Michelle Twin Mum 
Seasider in the City
Jennifer the Book
Caz @ After Annabelle
A Yummy Mummy
Ruth Cumming

and I am going to cheat and only do that many.

Here are your questions:

1)Who do you think would win in a fight, snap, crackle or pop?
2) If you could dress in only one colour for the rest of your life what would it be?
3)cloth or disposable?
4)Would you most like to wake up next to tomorrow?
5)What is your favourite film?
6)If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you bought?
7)And who would be the first person you called?
8)Did you have a nickname at school and what was it?
9)How many children would you like, and does your OH want the same number?
10)Knock Knock. . . Who's there? (finish the joke)
11)Describe yourself in three words
12)What is next on your bucket list?

If you do take part please let me know so I can read through your answers!  Tag. . . You're it

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  1. Oh those answers are brilliant, and I love that you have onesies! I saw THAT production where they get an Ophelia out of the audience. It wasn't you though - our Ophelia was black, and she looked just as terrified as you probably did. Thanks for doing my questions, and congrats on your first ever tagging.


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