Thursday 9 February 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful

I have read several posts titled  'Reasons to be cheerful' and it seems like a great idea.  Being positive is never a bad thing, so thought I would give it a go.

Here are my reasons to be cheerful:

1.Despite teething for 3 months now Dylan still has no teeth. This makes breastfeeding a lot less painful.

2. I have a man who cooks me dinner every night.  I love being cooked for.  I hate cooking.  This makes me happy.

3. I have lots of new followers on Twitter. This means people must like what I have to say.

4.  There is still snow outside, and no matter how icy it may be, I love the snow.  I love snowmen, snowball fights, how pretty and peaceful it makes everything look, the way it reflects light and maked the whole world seem brighter.

All in all, i'm rather happy this week!


  1. Upbeat post and yes for men who cook. I have one of those too.

  2. I like all your reasons to be cheerful :)

    I've newly joined the blog hop this year too! I love reflecting on my week and picking out the best bits to be cheerful about!


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