Wednesday 31 December 2014

Me and Mine December

As the year comes to an end, I am so happy to say that we made it a whole year of our photography project - one photo every month of our whole family.  Whilst the little changes may go unnoticed in everyday life, they seem to add up when I look back on the year.  

Archie started 2014 as a baby with wispy blonde hair but he ends it a cheeky toddler who has had too many haircuts to count.  I thought Dylan was so big back in January but I see how much he has grown and changed with preschool and more growth spurts than I thought possible.

The bloke is still mostly the same although the other side of 30 now and I . . . well I am growing outwards at an impressive rate and have had my fair share of changes too.  I wrote yesterday about our year, with all our me and mine photos, but here are this months,  taken on Christmas day in front of my parent's tree - just as we did last year.  

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Tuesday 30 December 2014

A Little Look at our Year

2014 has been an exciting year, with plenty of Surprises.  We leave it with the same number in our little family as when it begun, but not for too much longer.  Our baby has become a toddler and our toddler a preschooler.  A job change, a pregnancy a promotion and some amazing experiences have shaped what we take from this year, but looking back I see smiling faces, wonder in a little person's eyes and a year I want to remember.

January was mild in weather, and we were enjoying the simple things in life.  I went back to work after over 11 months of maternity leave and Archie was happy to spend one day every week with his Grandma whilst I did.  
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Monday 29 December 2014

10 Weeks to go (ish)

Well I guess it could be anything up to 12 weeks really, but 30 weeks pregnant means I have approximately 10 weeks left to go until we meet our baby Pretzel.

30 weeks pregnant, 30 week bump

I am not known for being organised, and with two boys already, we have nearly everything we need, but I am not prepared in the slightest for the arrival of our third baby boy.  Whilst other mums seem to be packing hospital bags and writing birth plans, I am living in denial that our little guy could be here soon.  I am so excited to have him in my arms, to meet the person I have been carrying for so long, but I am in no rush to give up my bump, or the hand to child ratio which works so well for us.

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Sunday 28 December 2014

New Baby Life Cover

With a new baby on the way, looking after myself and my family are top of my list of priorities.  If anything were to happen to me, I would leave the poor bloke with three small children on his own, not only difficult but very expensive.  Three children under four that would require him to either give up work or shell out more than he could afford on childcare.  Three children with huge appetites and the tendency to grow out of their clothes far too fast!

It wasn't until recently that we actually purchased life insurance, but the realisation of what single parenthood would involve, or even worse, what would happen if something happened to us both and the responsibility of bringing up our brood fell to someone else, meant we knew it was important.

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A Little Look at Christmas

My camera only came out a couple of times over Christmas, we were too busy laughing and eating that it was the last thing on my mind.  Our Christmas was spent with family, a day with mine and a day with the blokes, and then back to mine again.  We ate two turkey dinners, plenty of cake and our fair share of cheese too.

Dylan and Archie were surrounded by loving relatives and gifts and we are currently readjusting and having a bit of a Christmas comedown as we head back to eating a normal amount, chocolate being a treat and having some quiet time and TV again.  Our Christmas was magical, funny, delicious and special.  It was our last as a family of four and I can't wait to have four special guys in my life to share it with next year.

Dylan really got the idea of presents this year and wanted to open everything under the tree no matter whose name was on it.  Archie had fun but once he was done, he point blank refused to open any more.  Father Christmas had strategically placed the satsuma at the top of their stockings, and once they unwrapped it, both boys decided to sit and eat that before moving on to anything else.  When you let a one year old peel his own orange, it takes quite a time! 

Here are a few snaps from the day ( - I only remembered to get my camera out in the first place because Dylan had such fantastic bed hair)

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Wednesday 24 December 2014

This Christmas

This Christmas it has taken me a little longer to feel festive.  I have watched the films, worn the socks and gone for walks just to see the lights, but I think the tiredness that comes from being pregnant with two children has meant that I haven't had time for everything we planned.

We tried to not start the festivities too early so that we didn't get bored of them by the big day, but our month has still been packed with a trip to see The Snowman up in London, afternoons spent exploring in Covent Garden with the giant tree and Lego sleigh, a nativity at Pre-school (in which my snowflake was undoubtedly the star), Christmas jumpers, decorating the tree, plenty of shopping and of course opening our advent calenders every morning.

Most of the presents are wrapped, and we are off to my parent's house for the big day so we get to skip the hectic Tesco dash.  My little Christmas pudding is cooking away nicely, and the benefit of stretchy maternity jeans will be seen fully when the turkey is served! The boys are looking forward to Father Christmas coming through the front door (It would be silly for him to come down the chimney when we have a door apparently!) and Archie is wishing everyone Mesmas (or Merry Christmas in toddler talk).

This year I can't wait to see their excited faces, to see them open their presents, spend time with family and consume far more sugar than we ever allow at home.  I get the feeling Christmas is only going to get more magical as they get bigger and understand that little bit more, but at 3 Dylan certainly understands even if Archie isn't always sure.

I wanted to take a nice picture to put in the christmas cards for my close relatives, but despite the boys both being pretty happy, they were not interested in smiling or staying still (as toddlers often aren't!).  I thought I would share our best efforts though, and wish you all the merriest of Christmasses. 

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Sunday 21 December 2014

My Pregnancy Essentials

I have been meaning to write this post for quite a while, but as I head towards 30 weeks, I can put it off no longer!  This pregnancy as well as turning to my fail safe essentials from the last two, I have discovered new products that have made life easier and I wanted to share a few.

I have had real trouble swallowing some of the pregnancy tablets that we are encouraged to take in our first trimester, and found that many left a horrible taste in my mouth that I couldn't shake.  My find of this pregnancy was a spray by D-Lux that contains all the vitamins and folic acid recommended, that sprays into the inside of my mouth and tastes of peach.  It is a handy handbag size and so much easier to take.  It has meant I continued with the vitamins past the first trimester too.

Despite it being my third baby, I still love having pregnancy apps on my phone.  With both the boys I had the babycentre app, but it hasn't changed and I remember things so well, that I was happy to find a new app with daily information.  Babybuddy is a free app that tells you a different piece of information every day as it follows your journey.  Whether you are having your first or third, it is a lovely companion.

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Tuesday 16 December 2014

A Vegan Kid's Christmas Party

 This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #Christmasparty #CollectiveBias

Every Monday since the beginning of May, I have had two extra boys for the day.  It has been exciting and exhausting in equal measures, there are days I think four is easier than two as they tend to pair up, and days I need a megaphone and a whistle.  Hitting the third trimester in this pregnancy means things are coming to an end though, and yesterday was my last Monday with the four boys.

To celebrate, I decided we would have a little Christmas party in the afternoon, but with two being vegan, I had to be a bit more creative in what I bought, so I went to the big Tesco nearby as they have quite an extensive free from section.  The boys (as of this weekend) are 1,2,3 and 4 so I thought a little indoor picnic would be perfect, sat on a blanket by the Christmas tree, with a festive film and some stickers for after.
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Saturday 13 December 2014

My Funny Little Boy - December

My posts about the funny things Dylan says are rather sporadic, but I realised my draft post was growing rather long, so it was probably about time to share!  As he has grown, there are fewer if any mispronunications, but far more interesting questions and I would love to be inside his mind just for a day to see how it works.

This collection of funnies is from aged 3 to 3 and a quarter

After trying his first fizzy drink - 'That was a bit prickly!'

Me: What do you think you will be when you are grown up?
Dylan: Four!

Dylan: Mummy, where is that cat's thumb?
Me: I don't think cats really have thumbs Dylan
Dylan:  (In a very serious tone) How does it sleep then?

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Preparing the Nursery

Last weekend, we moved Dylan and Archie into the same room (which so far has been a success), meaning we have a nice empty room waiting for Pretzel's arrival next year.  With Archie still being small, his cot and furniture has moved with him, meaning the room is literally empty (or will be once we stop storing 'stuff' in there, and we have a nursery to prepare.

We know that bump will be a boy but with him being our third, I am actively avoiding baby blue as far as possible.  We have chosen a relatively neutral theme, of grey, white and yellow and once Christmas is out the way, I can't wait to get decorating! I want the nursery to be simple and relaxing, but bright at the same time.  I need everything to be practical and I have learnt after two others what to prioritise.  Marks and Spencers have a new baby section on their website with some great nursery inspiration - This fabric giraffe would go perfectly in Pretzel's new room.

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Wednesday 10 December 2014

Cosatto Hootle Review

We love bright when it comes to things for the boys, and that is why I have always been drawn towards Cosatto.  Their baby products have so much personality and so do my boys so they seem a perfect match.  We were recently sent the new Hootle car seat for Archie to try out, a group 0+/1 option that is suitable from newborn all the way through until 18kg (approximately 4 years).

Archie is currently borderline for rear/forward facing, but realistically he was too big to rear face as he is quite tall, so we used the seat with him facing forwards.  Cosatto say this seat can rear face until 13kg, but baby can be turned at any point from 9kg should you wish.  This would have been great for Dylan who reached 9kg long before he was ready to turn, and I wish we had been more aware of the options back then.  

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Monday 8 December 2014

27 Weeks Pregnant

27 weeks means I had arrived at the third and final trimester far quicker than I thought! There seems to be some debate as to whether it begins at 27 or 28 weeks, but as my babies were born at 38 and 39 weeks, I think 27 marks two thirds of this journey done.

Whilst I am loving the extra kicks, the bigger bump and finally being allowed those extra calories, I am so conscious that I only have a few weeks left to enjoy this pregnancy and as it is most likely our last,  this makes me a bit sad. It feels ironic that the more I want time to slow down, the faster it seems to go, I think having small children already just leaves little time to sit and enjoy.

27 weeks bump shot, 27 weeks pregnant, 27 weeks, third baby, big baby bump
Excuse the blur and shadows, I got the bloke to take the pic. . . 

When I think back to my first pregnancy, I felt like I had really bonded with the baby, I felt so aware of his patterns, his position and I would lay down just feeling him move and talking to him.  This time I am nowhere close, and whilst I love this baby with all my heart already, I don't feel like we have had the chance to bond in the same way.  I know that once he is born, none of this will matter, but it still makes me a little sad.

It feels like only now at 27 weeks I would feel confident saying I feel this baby moving enough to know if there is a disruption to his patterns, and I still spend much of my day too busy to notice.  In the evenings I see my tummy moving into all sorts of funny positions and I think that baby is head down already.  I had a midwife appointment this week, who has plotted my baby above the 95th centile, but as the other boys were large, they aren't concerned.  I was quite convinced I was measuring big again but I think that is just how I carry babies.

I am not feeling quite as tired this week, although I think the reprieve will be short as it is around this time that energy levels start to plummet again! I have been craving cheese though, and have demolished plenty of mozzarella balls straight from the fridge, baking camembert and cheese on crackers.  I am using the 'growing bones' excuse at the moment, but I know that snacking on a block of cheddar probably isn't the best idea to do so regularly.  

I have been hanging on to a few non-maternity items, but walking around town the buttons popping open on what was a very loose shirt has meant my wardrobe is cut down even further.  Thankfully, the bloke's clothes are starting to fit, and his Christmas jumper is perfect to wear over my bump!

If you have written any pregnancy related posts then make sure to link them up to BlogBumpClub!

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Sunday 7 December 2014

Warburton's Sandwiches

The highlight of Dylan's week seems to be the two days he has lunch at Preschool.  He gets so excited taking in his lunchbox, not knowing what he will find in there.  Everyday is different, although that is mostly down to what we happen to have in the cupboards - everyday it comes home completely empty though, so I know he approves.

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Friday 5 December 2014

Moving House

Twice now, I have moved house whilst pregnant.  Neither time was avoidable, but both were utterly exhausting, and I ignored the warning signs from my body telling me that I was over doing it.

The bloke and I found ourselves pregnant so early on in a new relationship, but we knew we wanted to become a family, and so set about finding somewhere to live.  I was back with my parents at the time, and he was renting a furnished room in a house, so not only was it a big step for us, it was an expensive one too! We knew we had a baby on the way, but we had no real idea at this stage what a baby would entail.  We guessed at things, opting for somewhere with a bath rather than a shower for washing him, and making sure the master bedroom could comfortably fit a cot in for the first few months. Ultimately time wasn't on our side, but we found a place to make our own and moved in shortly after.

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Wednesday 3 December 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Winter.

Whether we like it or not, winter is on the way, and we are choosing to embrace it.  I seem to be the only one apprehensive about going out in the rain and wind, and the boys have the attitude that in the right wellies they can go anywhere.  

Whilst we have plenty of bleak days where the rain seems relentless and I would be happy to curl up with some films, we also have glorious days, where the wind is quiet, and the sun even makes an appearance.  We wrap up warm, and we enjoy as much of the day outdoors as we can.  

These photos are from two separate days, a park trip with Archie whilst Dylan was at preschool, where he was actually happy to keep his hat on all morning, and a day out in London with Dylan where he enjoyed running around the Christmas tree in Covent Garden and feeding the reindeer.  On both days the sun shone and we had fun exploring outdoors.

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Sunday 30 November 2014

Me and Mine November

November has been a different month, with Dylan and I having some much needed time together and the bloke and Archie having theirs too.  When we combine this with plenty of rain, days where we just don't want to take a photo and the fact that I am feeling a bit under the weather at the moment, it meant we woke up this morning realising we hadn't taken a photo this month.  

For that reason, three of us are in our pyjamas, and we are having a lazy Sunday morning, as we had to split off this afternoon for different parties again.  This month has seen the temperature drop, and our weeks have involved so many more snuggles on the sofa, stories on the bed and films in the afternoons when we all need some quiet time.  My camera was balanced precariously on the stand as I can't find a missing piece and the light isn't great.  I look tired and ill and Archie has stickers in his hair - This is our November!

me and mine, family portrait, family photo, bedtime stories

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Saturday 29 November 2014

25 Weeks Pregnant

I am using tiredness and two toddlers as my excuse for being so behind with my pregnancy posts as I am now most definitely 26 weeks, but I am finally publishing last weeks update!

At 25 weeks I should be feeling full of energy and even glowing but neither of these are true of this pregnancy.  I don't feel that I have gotten into the stride of things, and I still need to nap some afternoons to get me through the days.  I am so thankful that my boys seem to appreciate this need!  Whilst it is partly my own fault for not going to bed earlier, the boys don't seem to be sleeping well at the moment and that really isn't helping!
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Thursday 27 November 2014

Our Advent Box

The first of December is withing touching distance and I am getting just a little excited! I have tried to keep away from most of the early festivities so that I don't have to wake up to 'Is it Christmas now?' every day for too long, but from December 1st we will be in full flow.  

Last year, we had a box of goodies downstairs for the boys on December 1st and this year we are doing something very similar.  It is partly practical things, but we want to start the magic early, so here is our Advent Box.

Advent Box, december box, getting ready for Christmas, advent for toddlers

Both the boys have a new pair of festive pyjamas to wear from Gap, and some funky Christmas socks to keep their feet warm as the weather gets colder.  They have a book - The Grinch stole Christmas - which we choose as they both love the Cat in the Hat and the other Dr Seuss books we have, alongside an activity book full of things we can do and make over the month.

I bought Archie a new nappy as I couldn't resist this TotsBots Frugi print, and I got Dylan a reindeer mug for those snuggly evenings with hot chocolate.  The boys also have a lovely plate sent to us by Born Gifted with their names on the bottom, so we can start getting excited about the big day.

As well as a more traditional advent calender, they have this gorgeous playmobil one which I know is going to be a big hit! I can't wait to see the little santa and reindeer!

I can't wait for Monday knowing that Dylan understands so much more, although I am a little scared of putting Archie and a tree in the same room! 

Disclaimer:  The plate and the advent calender were sent to us but everything else has been paid for by myself.
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Wednesday 26 November 2014

Hello Daisy Review and Giveaway

After 2 boys, it is safe to say our house has seen enough baby blue.  It looked lovely on Dylan, but it didn't take long for me to realise that it isn't the only colour little boys can wear, and for some it just doesn't suit them. I have always preferred Archie in brights and colours and it suits his personality.  Blogging has opened up my eyes to so many different styles of clothing, and I am loving finding some less 'baby blue' clothes ready for our newest arrival.

Hello Daisy asked me to check out their website and the first place I looked was the clothes.  I loved the colours and styles in the boys and unisex sections and how unique they were.  We chose a lovely organic sleepsuit ready for Pretzel's arrival next year and I can't wait to see our little guy in it! It is beautifully soft, feels well made and I just love the colour scheme.

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Tuesday 25 November 2014

Him and I

one on one time, my three year old, day with a preschooler.

We had 9 months together, every day and then another 9 months of him being my number one little guy whilst I juggled part time work with being a full time Mum.  At 18 months he became a big brother, and things changed.  With a baby determined to be physically attached to me at all times, my little guy became closer to his Daddy as that was the natural split when it came to some one on one time.  We still had our moments, but they were not as easy.  With a third baby set to change things up yet again and school on the horizon, time with my biggest little guy has become even more precious than ever.

He is in a period of change, with new influences at Preschool and more independence with it.  He wants to do things his way, he wants to learn and grow and he can't wait to be big.  At the same time, he can change from a little boy back to my baby in the blink of an eye, and when tiredness kicks in, he cuddles in the same way he did three years ago, he sucks his thumb and he needs me as he always has.  His body is growing up, and his limbs get longer as those parts that are so sweet and chubby on a baby get slimmer.  He is more aware, yet still delightfully naive and he is still sensitive and still mine.

Dylan and I took a day to ourselves at the weekend, just him and I, and I loved rediscovering what a wonderful little companion he is.  He was so excited about having a special day together, and as we sat playing memory on the train together, I realised how much I missed spending proper time with him.

The day I had planned didn't involve nearly as much water as the sky seemed to be throwing down, but three year olds do not seem to be put off rain (in fact he asked if we could play in the rain).  We saw the huge Christmas tree at Covent Garden and the big silver reindeer, we shared a shake and talked about our favourite things and we wandered the streets and shops, enjoying life at a preschooler's pace.

covent garden, christmas in London

We were lucky enough to be invited to see the Paddington Movie by Warburtons and our special screening in the West End cinema was a great afternoon treat.  We both loved the film (I already want to go and see it again!), and it was lovely to share a popcorn and watch my little guy's face light up as he watched the big screen.  

We held hands, ate cake, laughed together and enjoyed our day, we came home exhausted and happy.  I miss spending every day with Dylan now that work and preschool have got in the way, and I know that he won't always want to spend his time with me, so I am hoping we can find more time for just us, for him and I.

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Sunday 23 November 2014

21 Months Old

My littlest guy has hit the milestone of 21 months, meaning that his second birthday is coming around fast.  The benefit of a February baby means I don't really need to think about this until after Christmas though which is comforting.  Archie is a crazy, cuddly and cheeky toddler with a fearless streak that is so different from his brother

From the moment he wakes up until he finally drifts off, Archie knows what he wants, and he thinks he knows how to get it.  We are definitely at the beginning of the terrible twos and I expect it to be much worse than it was with his brother.  He has a little temper which we see when he doesn't get his way, and whilst he is lovely around other people, he does like to play up for his Mummy sometimes.

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Thursday 20 November 2014

Early Reader's Christmas Books List

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.  #CollectiveBias

Waterstones, Christmas Books, Early Readers

We are at the beginning of what I consider to be one of the most exciting journeys my child is going to travel - he is learning to read.  I have always been an avid reader, and my mum tells me as young as 18 months I would sit in the corner looking at picture books whilst my friends played.  Once the written words started making sense, I would take a torch to bed to read under the covers, and take an hour getting ready for school as I had a book permanently in my hands.  My love continued through an English literature degree and even now, whilst I don't find nearly as much time as I would like, I love to curl up with a good book.

I am so excited that Dylan is already showing such enthusiasm.  Whilst we have tried never to push him, we have made sure he has the resources and time should it be what interests him, and he has proven that he does want to learn.  As we progressed from letters and sounds to small words, we have wondered about the next step, whether we continue as we are until the school give us a direction, or whether we continue providing the resources for him to learn at his own pace, whatever he decides that to be.  

I went to Waterstones to look at the different options for young readers and to choose a Christmas present, and liked that there was so much variety, especially once they start progressing.  I saw the familiar books of my childhood, although with a slightly updated cover (definitely the same pictures), alongside new books from new authors with colour and fun.  Here are my picks for the first stage:

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Friday 14 November 2014

Three Boys

Three boys, this is my future.  My one tiny tot became the troublesome two and soon I will have a trio of terrors.  I announced that we were expecting another baby when we were 13 weeks pregnant, which meant seven weeks of being told 'you must be hoping for a girl this time then'.  

I would have been over the moon had the sonographer seen the telltale signs that told us to buy pink, but I was equally as excited when she told us that the boys would be welcoming a little brother in the new year.  Our baby is growing well, it looks healthy and he even gave us a hi5 from the womb.

In many ways we are geared up for another boy.  I have boxes upon boxes of boys clothes, and with this little dude due shortly after Archie's birthday, it should all be the right season too.  Our house seems to be full of blue and my experience of nappy changing revolves completely around boy bits.  Dylan had already let me know he would like another brother as 'boys are the best' and I have to agree (with absolutely no experience to compare to of course).  I love having boys, I love being a mama to boys.  Whilst growing up I had always pictured myself with one of each, my vision soon changed after the birth of Dylan and I saw myself surrounded by boys - a vision soon to come true.

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Thursday 13 November 2014

Lilly and Sid Children's Wear

My boys are active, they are explorers, they make mess, they play outside, they grow (at rather an astonishing rate), they eat with their fingers and they cuddle.  Their clothes need to cope with their busy lives and as they get bigger, we are definitely working out which companies withstand a toddler and which don't quite last the stretch.  With two already (and a third on the way), we have also learnt the value in investing in decent clothes that can be passed down, as ultimately it is not only cheaper than buying new each time, but much better for the environment too.

We were sent some pieces from Lilly and Sid, a boutique childrenswear company that pride themselves on gorgeous designs and exceptional customer service.  Their clothes celebrate childhood in all its colour and style and we love the unique characters.

As always, I took too many photos, but here are the boys modelling the  George Lion Pocket Set (Top and joggers - £30) and the Super Strong Monkey Man top (£20)

lilly and sid, organic childrenswear, kids fashion
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Monday 10 November 2014

Review of the Stokke Xplory V4

Stokke Xplory v4, stokke pram review

stokke review, stokke xplory v4, stokke deep blue

When it comes to Pushchairs, Stokke are top of the range, and we have been finding out why.  We were sent a Stokke Xplory V4 in Deep Blue and I have to admit I am a bit of a convert.   Unfortunately Archie was not a fan of sitting in the pushchair for photos, but if you follow me on instagram then you will have seen him looking happy in it.

My favourite feature is the height of the child.  I still love having Archie parent facing, and when it is just the two of us, we have a little chat as we walk.  Having him more in eye range makes such a difference, and the height means he can see so much more as well.  With both the bloke and I being tall, it is also much easier to lift him in and out without bending as much (although the downside to this is that he can't climb in himself as he does with lower seats).
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Thursday 6 November 2014

23 Weeks Pregnant

I never wrote my 21 week bump update, (although I did post at 20 weeks about our scan), so there is a bit more to catch up on this time.  I am now 23 weeks into my third pregnancy, which means I am past the halfway mark, meaning I have more of an excuse to do a little shopping.

My bump growth appears to have slowed right down, although it depends on the day as some days I wake up feeling particularly small, and others I look ready to pop before I have even eaten breakfast! The picture in black was taken at 23 weeks, and the lovely one in my pyjamas was at 21, showing quite the difference! I think pretzel keeps changing position as I am feeling movement in different areas on different days still.

I had a check up at 21 weeks with the midwife, and all is progressing well.  I don't see her until December now, but from then on they will start measuring me.  I have a personalised growth chart this time, taking into account factors like my previous babies and their birth weights, and they are expecting little pretzel to be another chunky one.  Anything from 8 to 10.5 pounds on his due date and they are not concerned - eek!

I am feeling much more movement now, although this little guy seems to be following the same pattern his big brother did - something that sends me into panic every single week! He wriggles and kicks lots for around 4 days, and then has one or two where he pretty much doesn't move.  The kicks are getting stronger, and whilst he often seems to be in the breach position, tying to find an escape route with his feet, there are days he is kicking straight out by my belly button, and his little legs are now powerful enough to be felt from the outside, despite my placenta still being on the front wall of my uterus.

Whilst at 23 weeks with both the other boys, I felt on top of the world and positively glowing, having two small children is taking its toll and I find I nap given any opportunity as I feel constantly tired.  I find working at home is quite tough as I tend to get comfy on the sofa with my laptop and fall asleep whereas when I was waitressing, I was too active to even get the opportunity.  I am also finding my skin is terrible, with dry, blotchy patches on my face, again something totally new and rather unwanted.

Cravings come and go, but include orange juice, crusty bread and hula hoops at the moment.  There hasn't been an instance where I am desperate yet but I do eat and drink far too much of these things! I am still sleeping well, although I might turn over a couple of times in the night.  I need to sleep with a pillow between my knees and under my bump but I never need to get up in the night at the moment which I am thankful for.

Generally this pregnancy is going well, and I am enjoying my growing bump, the wriggles and kicks and getting to buy teeny tiny clothes again (although not that teeny, we anticipate skipping the newborn stuff altogether.)

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Wednesday 5 November 2014

Our Weekend in a Travelodge

I love visiting London with my family, and we find it much easier to stay up there as travelling up and down with small children can be very stressful!  Our trips are usually action packed and this weekend was no different.  Because of this, we need somewhere quite basic to stay,  a space to lay our heads after a day exploring the city and somewhere quite central to limit the amount of time we spend carrying a buggy down the underground stairs.

We recently stayed at the Travelodge London Central on City Road in one of their family rooms, and it fulfilled our needs completely. We caught the bus once we arrived in London and the stop was right outside the hotel.

Check in was easy and our room was set up ready for us, a comfy double bed for myself, a small single for Dylan and a travel cot for Archie that looked pretty new.  The room was basic and spotless, but had everything we needed - space to hang our clothes, a Tv (with cbeebies), a kettle with teabags and a bathroom with an actual bath.  Having a bath is so much easier when you have children that are terrified of a shower!

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Saturday 1 November 2014

Maternity Skincare

Without a doubt, our bodies change shape during pregnancy, some earlier than others, some in more places than others, but as our skin stretches and our tummies grow, it is important to look after ourselves on the inside and out.

I have been testing a variety of maternity skincare products over the last few weeks, and wanted to put it all together in an easy post, so if you are looking for a little treat for your growing bump then look no further.

Love Boo

I was sent a lovely Marvellous Mummy Kit from Love Boo which has perfectly sized miniatures for travel.  I took this away for our week in Rome and it was great to fit in the suitcase.  The body wash smells sweet and the body smoother is a very thick cream that dries in surprisingly fast.  With shea butter the smell is not overpowering but still soft and feminine.  The miracle oil takes much longer to dry as is common with oils but is a lovely bedtime treat and left my skin feeling lovely and soft.

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Friday 31 October 2014

Me and Mine - October

Somehow it is the end of the month, and I had forgotten to take a nice photo (yet again).  Luckily we do have one from this month that I can use, from an afternoon we spent at the local park playing in the autumn leaves.

October has flown by, with a weekend away in London for the littlies and I, our 20 week scan and plenty of quiet weeks as well, with Preschool playing a big part for Dylan.  Archie's language seems to be coming on massively at the moment, and he likes to make it known very loudly.  The autumn weather has been mild, and there are constantly leaves stuck to wellies and pushchair wheels as we spend as much time outdoors as we can before it gets chillier. 

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Thursday 30 October 2014

London Zoo

We love visiting London Zoo as there are so many of our favourite animals to see, but trips take a lot of planning! We used the new Journl app to make our day out even easier (and to keep a track of spending!). We timed our visit inside a weekend in the big city which meant we didn't have long journeys either side, and the boys had an amazing day out.

Journl is an online personal organiser, and now an iphone app too.  The website gives you the chance to organise your whole life from to do lists, to budget planning to their handy calender and the iphone app gives you all this on the go.  My favourite aspect of the app was that it helped me keep track of how much I was spending - something that easily gets out of hand! The notes section meant I could pop down handy blog ideas whenever they came into my head too - here is to hoping I actually get a bit more organised now!

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Tuesday 28 October 2014

Little Bird from Mothercare

I love Mothercare clothes for the boys,  I still remember walking round when they were little choosing them beautiful outfits which are all still saved for Pretzel.  Our local store never stocked the Little Bird range though, and it has turned out to be one of my favourites.  The boys were sent some clothes and they looks so classic, timeless and most of them are very neutral.

I love them in matching, and Mothercare have fed my little addiction.  Here are some pictures.

matching sibings, mothercare, little bird, jools oliver clothing

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