Thursday 9 February 2012

Day 9- Noisy Play

There are several things I wish I had known before I had children, one of which being that they are incredibly space-consuming.  Our entire house is covered in bouncers, swings, bumbos, chairs, toys and blankets.  Not forgetting the space a pushchair takes up in the hall.  For such a little person they take up a lot of space! There is no room in the house that does not possess a collection of baby items.

They are also noisy.  Several toys are starting to run out of batteries, and the idea of not changing them is extremely appealing.  The bouncer sings ABC, the chair makes jungle noises, the building blocks get thrown around and everything seems to rattle.  Add to this equation one babbling child, and the occasional cry, and peaceful is far from accurate.

Today we embraced the noisy.  After a relatively good nights sleep, (as good as will ever be with a child who refuses to sleep more than 5 hours without a feed) I faced the ultimate in noisy child- The saucepan drums.  A wooden spoon and a selection of saucepans on the kitchen floor.  Admittedly he is too young, but he seemed entertained, and had a lot of fun munching on the spoon!

saucepan drums

saucepan drums
I don't think it will be long before he loves noisy games, and will be pulling things out the cupboards to clash together, but luckily (well lucky-ish)  he still stays where he is put and plays with/chews on whatever is in front of him, (quite often a quiet, no squeaker, no rattle soft toy).

I believe messy and noisy play are vital to a child's development, and are a lot of fun, especially if you don't have to clean up afterwards!  Unfortunately as we are still in the 'everything goes in the mouth' phase, these games don't often work so well.  We will persevere.

On a separate note, I accidentally dressed my child in 12-18 month clothes today, and it took until the 2nd nappy change to realise- I just thought his legs were looking a little short today.  Can't believe he is growing so fast!

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  1. Oh the buggy in the hall nightmare - whoever designs houses never had to navigate a buggy in and out of the front door!

    But big hurrah for noisy play - can't beat pans and wooden spoons - Alice x


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