Tuesday 31 December 2013


We started 2013 as a family of three, with a new arrival imminent.  Dylan was newly walking and starting to talk, slowly losing his baby fat and turning into a little toddler.  I was growing daily with another little boy in my tummy and our life was quiet yet perfect.

After a year of broken legs, birthdays, days out and days in, a year where we welcomed another baby into our life and saw our little man become a big brother.  After a year of learning, enjoying, growing and giggling, we find ourselves leaving 2013 behind, and beginning the new year as a family of four.

Dylan has left behind the baby days, and is slowly changing from a toddler to a little boy.  His language is amazing and he gets funnier and cheekier by the day.  Despite a month spent in hospital, quite literally tied to a bed, he has not stopped spoiling and he remains the laid back little dude he always was.  2013 for him so the end of being an only child and he has adapted to life as a big brother with ease, helping make room in the family for Archie.

Archie is hurtling towards the toddler years and is desperate to walk having now mastered a push along walker and his first birthday is looming.  He is the polar opposite to his big brother in every single way, with an inability to sit still and a curiosity that extends especially to anything with buttons and/or wires.  

2013 was a year of growth, physically for the boys, as a family and as people.  We have learnt seperately and together and we are now a unit of four, a little team, we are buddies.

2014 will be a year of change, with Archie becoming more independent, Dylan turning 3 in August and staring part time pre-school and myself returning part time to work after 11 months of maternity leave.  It will be a year of calm as we continue with our ordinary life as a family of four.   It will be a year of family, as we look forward to a week away in March with my parents at Butlins.  It will be a year of Birthdays as we celebrate the littlest one's first and then the bloke turning thirty.  

I hope it will be a good year, where we are so busy making memories that we don't even notice.  Here is our last family photo from the year, taken on Christmas Day at my parent's house.  All in our cheesy Christmas jumpers, enjoying time with family. This sums up our year pretty well.

Happy New Year!
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Friday 27 December 2013

A Family Christmas

Christmas is full of sparkle, lights, good food and gifts but the most important part is definitely family.  I have grown up with big family Christmas, generations all coming together, joined by board games and Quality Street and this year was no exception.

This year was Archie's first Christmas and he loved tucking into some turkey, lots of attention and crawling and cruising round the room.

Dylan really understood a lot about Christmas and was very excited that Father Christmas had come to visit.   He was loving the fact that every room had chocolate in it although he may have eaten his body weight in apples!

This year the rule was Christmas jumpers, the cheesier the better and everyone joined in.  I got a great opportunity to put my new tripod to good use.  

The boys were utterly spoilt (as were the bloke and I) and we are lucky to have so many thoughtful friends and relatives.  Uncle Oli bought them a slide and both boys had fun playing on it over the 2 days we were staying with Grandma and Grandpa.

Christmas was everything it should be, full of fun, love, chocolate and card games.  How was yours?

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Tuesday 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

I haven't been online much recently, and I have quite enjoyed the break.  It wasn't planned, but we have been so busy catching up with friends,  spending time as a family and going to Christmas parties, that something had to give, and living life is more important than recording it at the end of the day.

Our month has been jam packed, exciting and amazing and we have loved the lead up to the big day.  From festive crafts to the delicious food that it is totally acceptable to scoff at this time of year, we have embraced Christmas well and truly and we are all excited for the celebrations.

Today we have enjoyed opening our Christmas Eve box and after the Christingle service, we snuggled in our new pyjamas, enjoying hot chocolate and mince pies and watching The Snowman and The Snowman and The Snow Dog.  The boys went to bed dressed in penguins and dreaming of reindeer and the big man in red.

To all my readers, Merry Christmas!  I hope your day is perfect, full of magic, laughter and memories.

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Saturday 21 December 2013

10 Months in.

Archie is now 10 months old and suddenly he is becoming less of a little baby and more of a little boy.  At 9 months and 2 weeks Archie was still smiling his gummy smile but by the day he turned 10 months there were 4 little teeth poking through his gums!  We are skipping the rather adorable two bottom teeth look and going straight for the centre 4.  They aren't yet fully grown but they all cut within a few days of each other.  All the signs say this teething malarkey is getting worse though and I wouldn't be surprised if there were some more before the next update.

Unfortunately teething and a bit of a cold have seen a major sleep regression and we are still all over the place.  On a good night, Archie will only wake once but a bad night sees him sleeping like a newborn again which is rather tough on us all.  He still has one nap now straight after lunch which is anything from 1 hour to 3 hours.

Breastfeeding is still going well and although I decided to try and cut down his feeds, teething and illness have had other plans so he is still fed relatively regularly throughout the day.  I am not too worried yet but there comes a point where I am less comfortable feeding out and about so I would like to cut him down to only 3 feeds a day quite soon.  He loves his food though and happily eats three big meals (we are still doing baby led weaning) and snacks throughout the day.  He has also learnt to drink from a straw (thanks to me forgetting his water cup on a number of occasions)

Archie is a baby on the go and is now commando crawling comfortably and sometimes crawling on his knees too.  He learnt to pull himself up to standing a couple of months ago and he is now cruising round the furniture and attempting to let go, although he always falls down on his bum.  He wants to be standing all the time and seems to need to push on his feet, which is rather amusing when I am feeding him as he tends to stand over me!  He loves walking holding onto my hands and he is desperate to be off on his own.  He has started walking with the wooden walker up and down the room now and he looks so small!

Archie is still definitely a mummy's boy and he is happiest when he is climbing on me.  He is cheeky and has the most beautiful smile.  For the first few months he seemed to spend life on the boob or in a sling following his brother round but he is really coming into himself now and showing off his cheeky personality at every opportunity.  He loves poking things, knocking over towers and anything with buttons.  He watches Dylan with delight and smiles whenever he catches his eye and he gives so many kisses.  He may be growing up fast but he is still my tiny baby really.  We finally got him weighed this month and a 20lb 7oz he is pretty average for his age but still exceptionally tall.

It is terrifying to think that in 2 months I will have a one year old but we are looking forward to celebrating Archie's first Christmas this month!

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Thursday 19 December 2013

I Love Christmas

I love Christmas

I love the magic, the trees, the excuse to do almost anything, from wearing pyjamas all day to listening to cheesy music.  I love shopping and choosing the perfect gift for someone, I love writing cards and wrapping presents.  I love the music, the films, the books.  I love the countdown and opening a tiny little door every day.  I love our traditions, ones that have been passed down through the generations and ones we begin this year.  I love the novelty socks and jumpers, the tinsel and the fairy lights.  I love watching my children's faces.

I love coming downstairs with the boys to find that the Christmas tree has appeared in the living room, and inspecting every element of it with Dylan.  I love him telling me that he loves each bauble individually, like it is his new favourite toy.  I love the excitement every morning that the tree is still there, the lights still twinkling.  I love the red and gold, the baubles we have picked out individually or as a family, new ones joining us each year.

I love Christmas candles leaving a festive scent.  I love keeping in touch with old friends.  I love beautiful roses that brighten the house, all tied up with Christmassy ribbon.  I love eating chocolate every night once the little ones are in bed.

I love the excitement, the magic, the suspense, the build up, the big day and all the days that surround it.  I love Christmas.

Disclaimer:  I was sent some gorgeous flowers, chocolates and a teddy from the people at Prestige Flowers but don't they just look gorgeous and festive!
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Wednesday 18 December 2013

Milk and Mummy

During summer, I tended to stick to the vest under a T-shirt rule and when Archie needed to feed, one went up and the other down, keeping my tummy covered. Now it is a bit chillier, I am not so keen on leaving my poor tummy so exposed to the elements and so I have started wearing more breastfeeding clothes.

Archie is nearly 10 months but still feeds in the day and I prefer to be discreet for my own sake.  I was sent a beautiful nursing top from Milk and Mummy to try out and it is perfect for winter.

The fitted top comes apart to expose just enough breast to feed with, and the top hangs in a flattering way to cover that post baby bulge which just does not want to shift.  This is a top I will wear once I have finished nursing as you can't notice the hidden access at all.

The material is soft and stretchy and this goes with almost anything.  Milk and Mummy also have some gorgeous breastfeeding dresses, perfect for winter as most dresses are off limits when you are breastfeeding.  If you are looking for something to last and to feed discretely with then I would recommend checking them out.

Thursday 19th is the last day to order if you want something gorgeous to wear on Christmas day so order quickly!  You can even get 10& off until the end of the month as well with the code MUMMY10
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Monday 16 December 2013

My Funny Little Boy - December

I love recording the little things my babies do and say, and Dylan makes me laugh on a daily basis at 28 months with the funny things he comes out with.  Here are a selection of the last month's funnies as I don't want to forget them!

Lady: Be careful of the baby
Dylan: It's not a baby, it is MY baby (about Archie in soft play)

Look mummy, a gingerbread man!  (see pic below)

Pointing at a random man in the street - (very loudly) look Mummy, it's postman pat!

We are singing wheels on the bus, and Dylan chimes in with a new verse:
"The conductor on the bus goes fart, fart, fart"

We are walking over a bridge and I try to tell him about rivers to which he relies:
'The river can't climb up on the bridge mummy, it's got no feet!'

"I can't sleep in my bed, I need to sleep in a duck pond"

Dylan, what do you want to be when you are a grown up?
"A fire engine, no, a Robot, so I can have robot arms!" (Cue an odd robot dance)

"I need to give Archie a cuddle because I love him."

Me: Shall we sing Archie a song?
Dylan: No
Me: I think he would like a song, what shall we sing him?
Dylan: Nothing
Me: I don't know that one, how does it go?
Dylan: (To the tune of twinkle twinkle) Nufin, nufin, nufin nufin . . . .

D: Mummy, I'm hungry
Me: Would you like a sandwich then?
D: no, I'm not hungry for a sandwich
Me: How about some crunchy peppers?
D: No, I don't think I need some crunchy peppers
Me: Well I am not sure what you can have then Dylan
D: I am hungry for some pudding, maybe some of Daddy's chocolate?

"I did a burp!"
Are you sure that was a burp Dylan?
"Yes, it was a burp from my bottom!"

That's not baby Jesus, it's baby Archie! (About the baby in a manger in our nativity)

Stop doing that with your food please
*keeps doing it and giggles*
Dylan, it's not funny, stop doing it please
Dylan: "It is a little bit funny though!"

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Sunday 15 December 2013

My Layabout

Dylan has a beautiful bedroom, it is light and calm and a great size for a child.  Now that Archie is more mobile, I think Dylan loves having a little retreat too, somewhere he can go for some quiet time, to play with toys where he doesn't have to worry about one being chewed and to have some calm time when he is tired.

We were sent a gorgeous bean bag from my layabout and it is the perfect addition to his room.  They offer a variety of sizes but we went for a 3ft beanbag which is perfectly big enough for him and I to curl up and read a book together without being too big that it takes over the room.  If the beanbag had just been for Dylan then I would have gone for the 2ft, but this way it is perfect for bedtime stories as well.

The layabout is thick and soft and very supportive.  I could quite happily curl up for a sleep on there! The inside is full of durable foam clusters and it keeps its shape well, bouncing back even after the bloke has been lounging.

Dylan can climb on by himself and loves sitting with his favourite books, reading aloud to his toys.  Archie doesn't stay still yet long enough to do anything but he loves walking round it!

There is a choice of materials and we went for a blue cordorouy as it looked hardwearing enough for a toddler and it was a great fit in Dylan's room.  If you are looking for something more luxurious though, the faux fur is unbelievably soft and fluffy (we were sent a sample and I may have sat stroking it for a while) and the moleskin would be my fabric of choice, soft and smooth.


We are really impressed with this beanbag and Dylan loves his little reading corner.  The layabout is definitely something that will grow with him and I can imagine as a teenager he will be laid across it with a playstation controller in hand!   The covers are removable so you can always update to match a room redesign and it makes them much easier to wash.

The 3ft layabout retails at £159 but if you want something a little smaller then the 2ft beanbag is perfect for kids at only £109.  If you are anything like the bloke, then there is even a 6ft version that may take your fancy (he is determined that we trade it our bed for a giant beanbag now that we have seen how amazing this 3ft version is.

  You can get an amazing 20% off too with the code The_Mummy_Adventure

my layabout review, giant beanbag, beanbag review, my layabout

Disclaimer:  I was sent this beanbag for the purpose of this review
 but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.
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Betty Bramble Footmuff Review

I love discovering new and unique British brands and Betty Bramble is certainly one of those.  They are a new company that make luxurious and beautiful footmuffs for pushchairs.

Betty Bramble footmuff review, luxury footmuff review

They have a variety of retro, vintage and classic fabrics and their footmuffs are longer than most, coming in at 110cm and much thicker and warmer than any I have come across previously.  They are almost like a duvet in their thickness and I would love to be able to climb into one myself!

We were sent the cheeky monkeys design and I love the funky fabric and beautiful blue cordoroy.  The footmuff can be attached via a material hook over the back of the seat or by ties depending on your pushchair so they don't slip down (an issue we have had with previous cosytoes.)

Betty Bramble, luxury footmuff, extra large footmuff, footmuff review

The footmuffs are washable in a machine (vital if your littlies are anything like mine!), versatile as they can be used as a padded liner if it isn't quite cold enough for the apron and hardwearing, as we have found out by testing it with both the boys.  There are toggles either side which means the footmuff can be folded over a bumper bar, and I love this look. It also keeps the muff out of the way when it is not cold enough to keep it fully zipped up.

The footmuffs fit most buggies with holes for a 5 point harness, but I do have a couple of pushchairs where the waist and shoulder strap is all one and these can't be used with the Betty Brambles footmuff.  I also found that the hole for the crotch strap was quite small so I did have to carefully make it a bit larger to use with one of our buggies.  This didn't affect the footmuff and really you can't even tell so it didn't bother me too much.

As the footmuff is so long, I have found that it is a better fit in a pushchair rather than a stroller as it doesn't touch the wheels that way, however we have been using it in both and as long as I can get Dylan to keep his feet on the footrest, it doesn't cause an issue.

The footmuffs retail at £64.99 which I believe is a really good price for these as they are incredibly padded and you can tell that they are high quality straight away.  You certainly won't see anyone with one the same and they will brighten up any buggy.  There are a large variety of choices from a classic flowery pink, to beautiful blues, a London black and every colour in between so there is something to suit everyone.  I would (and have been) recommending these to anyone with a taller toddler like Dylan as they are very spacious.  For the coldest winter weather, this has to be the warmest and snuggliest cosy toes that we have come across.

Disclaimer:  I was sent a Betty Bramble Footmuff free of charge for the purpose of this review
 but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.
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Saturday 14 December 2013

Bob Stroller Review

I posted recently about what my guest reviewer, Nick thought of the Bob Sport Utility stroller but it is about time that I shared my views too.

The stroller is big, with wheels that are closer to bicycle tyres than your average buggy wheels and the seat is huge.  The whole stroller seems super sized compared to the nippy things we use around town, but this is what makes it perfect for an active lifestyle.

The tyres give it excellent suspension when running or over rough ground and the seat is big enough to fit in a large toddler (or even a small adult - yes, I may have tried).  If you were on a long day out walking or hiking, then you would have no problem giving an older child a rest in this when their legs got tired.  The seat weight limit is 70lb which is double that of your average buggy and I have sat in the seat on a run to feed Archie quite comfortably and without damaging the buggy (it had to be done but I weigh considerably more than 70lb!)

The stroller is incredibly well made, the material is strong and durable and we haven't yet had a puncture or problem.  There is a secure 5 point harness and the hood is large and protective.  The raincover for this stroller is unlike any I have previously come across and is storm proof as well, leaving me no reason not to get out and about! 

I haven't been running with this nearly as much as  I should would like to, but it is brilliant to jog with and makes life much easier as I can take one of the littlies with me.  We have the seafront only a short walk from our house and it is the perfect place to take the Bob for a jog or a power walk.  I find it really easy to use, the handlebars are in a comfortable position for me and I am kept motivated by a little voice shouting ' faster mummy!' the whole time we are out.

I mentioned above that the pushchair is huge, and it is, there is no doubt about it, but it is also smooth and when you are pushing it, it doesn't feel bulky at all.  It is large when folded although it can be made smaller if you remove the wheels, but we tend not to collapse it really as we have space in the house.

This stroller is not designed for the city and the front wheel only has the fixed position meaning to turn corners you do have to lift the wheel up.  The buggy feels almost weightless even with my 16kg toddler in but this is still a bit of a pain around town.  The basket is lovely and big though and it does hold quite a bit of shopping!

This buggy is perfect for what it is designed for and as an all terrain/ jogging stroller I cannot think of any improvements I would make.  It wouldn't be suitable as a main pushchair however due to the bulk and the static wheel.

For more information then check out the Bob website and to see a review from a Man's perspective, read here

Disclaimer:  I was sent this stroller for the purpose of this review 
but all thoughts, photos and opinions are completely my own.

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Thursday 12 December 2013

Christmas in London with Toddlers

I love London, I love Christmas and I especially love the big city in all it's festive glory.  There is an atmosphere you can't beat and they go all out on the wonderful decorations.  I have been looking forward to showing the boys the wonders of London at Christmas and Dylan is at that age where his eyes light up and you can really see the excitement in his little face.

We live less than 90 minutes from London on the train but this can be a long way with two under two and a half, so being able to stay overnight makes the whole trip easier and smoother.  This Friday we decided to show Archie and Dylan the sights and we were lucky enough to be offered a room at the Royal Garden Hotel for the night.

Situated in Kensington, it was the perfect location.  The hotel is central, easily walking distance from buses and tubes and is next door the beautiful Kensington Gardens.  This was priceless with a toddler in tow as we escaped the hustle and bustle for some autumnal leaf crunching when we needed it.
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Wednesday 11 December 2013

Christmas Eve Cosy Box

I have seen the idea of a special 'Christmas Eve Box' quite a lot over the last couple of months and I couldn't resist adding it into our own family traditions.  As Christmas day is usually spent with my family and Boxing day with the bloke's, I love the idea of the box giving us a special day as a family of four, our own mini Christmas.

I plan to have the box downstairs in the living room when we wake up, with everything we need for a festive family day.  With new pyjamas for everyone, a special film and bedtime book, snacks for the day and some crafty goodies to do together, I think Dylan will love it and I hope that it becomes something to look forward to for Archie as well as he grows up.

Christmas eve, christmas eve cosy box, christmas eve box, festive pyjamas

I still have a couple of bits I want to add.  I made Dylan's stocking for his first Christmas and I really need to get a move on and make one for Archie too.  I am also planning on buying a festive plate for the mince pies and carrot we will leave out for the big guy in red, and in fact some mince pies will make it into the box too, but buying them now I know full well they will not still be here in two weeks time.  I am planning some simple toddler friendly crafts (if you have any suggestions then please leave me a comment!) and there will undoubtedly be glitter!

Dylan's attention span for TV is not long and so The Snowman and The Snowman and The Snowdog is perfect for us; long enough for a snuggle and a snack and not too long he is running round the room pretending he is walking in the air.  A new book full of Christmassy scenes will let us talk about what we have seen, what will happen and hopefully help prepare the little guys for the big day.

You can never have too many pairs of pyjamas and we were kindly sent these for the boys from Mothercare.  (The white pair is part of a two pack but Archie has already been rocking the reindeer pair) Our family is a little penguin obsessed and I know they will look gorgeous on Dylan and Archie and will be perfect for the obligatory Christmas morning present opening Pics!

I love this idea and I can't wait to start our own tradition that the boys will look forward to year after year!
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Tuesday 10 December 2013

Puddle Jumping for Grown Ups

As a family, I think puddle jumping is way up there on our list of family activities and is often instigated by one of the younger members of the gang.  Quiet wintery weekends are not complete without a wander in our wellington boots and I was lucky enough to be sent some Hunters wellies from the lovely guys at Cloggs to keep my feet dry.

hunter wellies, purple wellington boots

I have always admired these beautiful boots and wondered whether the price tag is worth it - turns out it is.  These boots are comfy in a way that I never expected from wellies, they are shaped for your feet and beautifully designed.  I may be guilty of wearing them on dry days just because they look so lovely.  You can tell that they are great quality and I hope they will last for years of splashing to come.

Shopping at Cloggs was easy and delivery was fast, I can't fault the whole experience! I have no excuse not to get out and about as the weather gets colder and wetter and the floor turns white and I am even eyeing up some welly socks for Christmas to keep my feet toasty as the temperature drops!

The Hunter wellies I chose are already on sale at £72.99 so snap up a great deal!

Disclaimer:  I received these boots free of charge for the purpose of this review 
but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Monday 9 December 2013

My Big Boy

Although Dylan is my big boy (or so he keeps telling me), I have no doubt that he will always be my baby and every now and again I glimpse a little bit of that newborn he once was.

When he sleeps, so peacefully, his face has that lightness that only a child can have. 
 Rather than looking deep in sleep, his face looks open, beautiful and full of possibilities. 
As a little baby he had the same sleepy pout 
and I can't help but want to kiss that face every time I see it.

When he is tired and the blinks become longer and longer, 
thumb in his mouth, 
I see that precious and helpless little baby that is seems only yesterday I was rocking in my arms. 
 Now so independent, but still so little.

When he falls, trips or stumbles and only mummy kisses can make it better.

When he asks those questions, those innocent questions 
that show how much he has to learn about the world still.

When he wakes up from a nap, he has always taken a while to come round, 
and some days we snuggle on the sofa for half an hour,
 both with heavy eyes, 
enjoying the warmth and comfort,
 I am reminded of all those sleeps he had curled up on my chest as a little baby.

When his eyes light up at the simplest of things, 
a biscuit, the baubles on a Christmas tree, seeing his Grandma and Grandpa.  
The things that become everyday and ordinary after a while
 but are still magical when you are two and a quarter.

These moments, they let me remember that tiny baby who depended on me for everything, warmth, nutrition and comfort.  I see that beautiful squishy face, the little fingers that curled around mine and those precious tiny baby toes.  He may be growing up right in front of my eyes but there are moments where all I see is my little baby boy.

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Sunday 8 December 2013

Chicco 2014

I found out recently that I have been saying Chicco wrong all of these years.  I always read it as Chee - ko but the correct pronunciation is actually key-ko! I also found out that their new range is going to be bigger and better than ever and they are shaking off that stroller image that they are so well known for and showing off some of their other wonderful products. Here are my favourites from the new collection.
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Thursday 5 December 2013

Xmas Jumper Day

Christmas jumpers are no longer reserved just for the Colin Firth's of the world ( That jumper in Bridget Jones is now the height of fashion ) and everyone is sporting some glitter, snowmen and stars on their fronts this season.  Christmas jumpers are everywhere and I for one am delighted.  I am a bit of a Christmas geek and have been wearing festive socks every day since December 1st.

Last night I was at Woolly Wonderland at Westfield Stratford City designing my very own Christmas jumper.  I will sporting a one of a kind, custom, home-made jumper this year and I am actually a little proud of my efforts!  December 13th is Christmas Jumper Day and I will be donating £1 to Save The Children and wearing my knit with pride!

Woolly Wonderland is on from the 5th to the 13th of December with sessions for all the family from storytelling sessions of the Gruffalo and Elmer to knitting lessons to Christmas jumper customisation and these free sessions are bookable here.  The lovely ladies helped me out creating my look with stencils, materials and by showing me how to do the stitching.  It was a lovely evening and I have something fun to take away from it too.

So pop on over to Westfield, get creative and wear your Christmas jumper with pride! I am thinking this may be the perfect opportunity to take a cheesy Christmas photo of the whole family in our festive knitwear so look out on twitter with the hashtag #xmasjumperday to see if I can persuade them all!  Don't forget to tweet your own photos with this hashtag too as I can't wait to see all the fun jumpers.

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Wednesday 4 December 2013

A Day at the Zoo

I love being a stay at home parent, but I do look forward to the weekends and some family time together.  Seeing my boys playing together, getting some one on one time with each of them and of course having someone to help during the more demanding times.  This weekend we enjoyed some wonderful family time and set off to London for a day at the zoo.  Dylan is at the perfect age for it and I got to have a play with my new camera as well (sorry for the photo overdose!)

Dylan made it very clear that the gorillas and giraffes were our priorities and he loved exploring and watching everything from the penguins to the monkeys.  

He wasn't so keen on the pigs and tigers but he was desperate to feed the giraffes and zebras and I think he would have taken a gorilla home given half the chance.

I popped Archie in a sling on my back so that he could see everything as the pushchair is quite low and he was silent and wide eyed the whole way round, taking everything in as he snuggled. (well until he fell asleep at least)

A lovely walk through the beautiful Regent's park where autumnal colours and fallen leaves lined the paths, and we stopped to take in some Christmas lights (and enjoy some gingerbread men) before heading home worn out for a quiet family day in on Sunday.

I love visiting the zoo this time of year and we were lucky it was such a mild and dry day.  The paths are quieter, queues shorter and the animals are busy and active which is great to watch.  I love showing the boys new things and Dylan hasn't stopped talking about our day out.

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