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My name is Bex and I am live in a remote corner of Kent with the bloke.  Our lives were interrupted in a rather unplanned but absolutely amazing way back in 2011 when our son, Dylan was born and then again in 2013 when he became a big brother to Archie.  In February 2015 Finn joined the family and we became complete last year in June when our daughter Cora arrived

Parenthood has been one huge adventure for me and I started writing this blog as a way of recording the journey.  I had a five month old and although he was rather gorgeous, his conversational skills were limited and I needed to connect with other parents.  Over five years on and I am still on a constant journey, learning about being a mum and about myself every single day.  This blog is my outlet, my way of recording our memories and an excuse to sit on the sofa with some biscuits every night.

If you want to get to know us a bit better, then you can read my first post or some of my favourites; nun night nought year old, we are having a . . . , are you dissapointed, Squish's birth story, nun night one year old, how summer should be, our family ski holiday, the mummy adventureLittle Explorers, my homebirth birth story or holidaying with four children

Dylan is an inquisitive and intelligent six year old who is desperate to learn.  He is in year two at school and loves everything about it.  He is an avid reader, lover of lists and builder of Lego.  The most sensible of the four, he is a perfect big brother, always looking out for his younger siblings .

Archie is four and he is a boy who doesn't sit still.  He needs to experience the world with his whole body, whether that means using every muscle he has to get around an assault course, or cuddling with his legs wrapped around your body, his arms thrown around your neck and his face nuzzled into you.  He knows his mind, he does things his own way and he loves cuddles.  He is so independent, yet such a mamas boy at the same time. He starts school this month and I wish them luck!

Finn is  two and 95% of the time he is the happiest, sweetest child with the biggest smile on his face (the other 5% he is having a tantrum).  He loves to dance, anything with wheels and making people laugh.  He adores his baby sister and they are quite the double act now.

Cora is fourteen months old and adored by her three big brothers.  Having a girl after three boys means I am having so much fun dressing her of course! She loves carrying shoes around, following Finn, cars and unicorns. She has the cheekiest smile and is usually found in my arms.

I am a twenty something thirty year old English graduate who loved to travel before children and is trying to share the passion with the whole family now.  I work from home as a freelance social media manager and blogger and I have a bit of an addiction to kid's clothing. 

The bloke may only be 33, but he is already practicing being a grumpy old man.  He loves lie ins, live music and playing zombie related games on the computer and survives on a diet of mostly coffee.

We love working with relevant brands on fun campaigns so if you want to find out more about us, or want to discuss collaborating I would love to hear from you.  You can email me on Beckygower@live.co.uk

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