Friday 3 February 2012

Day 3- 'It didn't go to plan'

'It didn't go to plan' must be an extremely overused phrase - by parents, teachers, politicians. . . the list goes on.  Being a parent  involves a certain amount of leeway. 'Be there at 11' becomes 'be there at 11ish', 'We are having a roast for dinner' becomes 'I'm too tired let's have beans on toast'.

My plan that Dylan always sleep in his crib 'didn't go to plan', he ended up sleeping on me more than I care to remember in those first few weeks.  My plan to go running 3 times a week after having him 'didn't go to plan', and unfortunately today's 'new thing' 'didn't go to plan'.

I had several possible ideas to fit into our already busy day, however an impromptu nap in the pushchair put a stop to them all.  Today's 'new thing' is therefore failing on day 3-  Not sure I have got that far before!  A long day of baby sensory and play was a wee bit too much for the little man.

My twenties are not 'going to plan', I have a baby.  That was never part of the plan, but it is a great transgression.  I swapped the plan of sunny beaches and cocktails for a living room covered in soft toys and decaff tea (can't handle the caffeine since pregnancy).  Bikinis for nursing tops and sparkly jewellery for teething bling.  I wouldn't change a thing (-most of the time!).  Digressing from the plan can be the best part of being a parent.  Adapting, changing and mostly just making it up as you go along.

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