Wednesday 22 February 2012

Review - Tots Bots New Easyfit

Thursday morning, and for once I wasn't thinking about how early it was when the baby woke me up.  I was expecting fluffy post, and the excitement was overwhelming!  The wonderful people at Tots Bots HQ had sent me one of the new easyfits to trial, and the courier could come at any moment.  After several hours of curtain twitching, and not straying too far from the front door, the courier arrived mid nappy change.

Tots Bots, Easyfit, new colous, selection, cloth nappiesThe new Easyfit birth to potty which I was waiting for is now available in both velcro and poppers
( poppers are much easier for washing as they do not catch)  TB had also banished the white, so all catches on the front blended in, giving the nappy a much neater look.  The poppers on the front mean the nappy is one size fits most from birth to potty, and the idea is that one set of nappies is all you ever need buy.

I opened the door with a semi naked little boy on one hip, and a giant grin on my face, and was delighted to see the red 'poppet' nappy had arrived.  After having a bad experience with pocket nappies before I was apprehensive about how long it would keep Dylan's little bot dry, but couldn't resist putting it straight on.  The new nappies boast a minky core (my favourite change) , much softer than the original bamboo, and also much more colourful.  I was shocked at the vibrancy of the colour.

minky interior, tots bots, easyfit, cloth nappies
Bamboo is renowned for holding liquid well so I was curious to test the minky core . . . and . . . after 3 hours, Dylan was still dry.  The nappy passed the first test.  Much slimmer than our usual choice, I  had expected a shorter wear, but so far so good.  Slim and absorbent.  The improved waistband meant a better fit, or in the words of Tots Bots 'The easyfit just got fitter'

Test two involved washing the nappy.  Being a little dopey, I had not considered the colourfastness of such a bright red, and put it in with all my white nappies, but after a full wash . . . it was still beautifully bold, and the whites were still white.   Not only that, but the nappy dried in record time, something I consider very important in a house that is cluttered enough without nappies drying everywhere.   Passed the second test!

Test 3 was taking the nappy to baby group to gauge the reactions.  The moment the nappy left my changing bag, there were oohs, aaahs and questions.  The jealousy was obvious and I was very proud to show it off.  I may be responsible for a few disgruntled husbands and a few new orders!

Test 4 involved using the nappy a few more times, to check that one and two were not just flukes.  With resounding success the easyfit passed yet again.  It works well alone and boosted and washes well maintaining its vibrancy and drying much faster than the easyfit V2 or bamboozle stretch.  After much effort trying to find something I didn't like about the nappy, all I could come up with was that I didn't have enough of them!
Poppet, easyfit, tots bots, cloth nappies

 The new range of easyfits comes in a range or bright colours, all with matching minky cores.  There is also a line of fairy tale prints, and a London 2012 and jubilee edition.  The prints are available in easyfits, teenyfits or as wraps.  Set for release mid march 2012 but available for pre-order now, I predict that these fly off the shelves.  To find out any more information or to order yours go to 

storyprint, tots bots, easyfit, cloth nappies
The new Fairytale range of Easyfits
To sum up the Tots Bots Easyfit:  A slim fitting, bold coloured all in one nappy, with silky soft minky core.  It is fastdrying, long lasting and extremely good looking.  We shall be purchasing these in every colour as soon as they are released!

To see how we got involved in Cloth nappies please see my introduction to cloth

Disclaimer.  I was sent the nappy by Tots Bots, but all thoughts and words are my own.


  1. Hi those nappies look soooo gorgeous! I love my Wonderoos at the moment :o)

    Do love a big fat real nappy bum ;o) there's a photo of one on my blog!

  2. I'm so jealous that every blog i read regarding these diapers are in the UK and you get a diaper to review. I would LOVE to have them in the US. I would be happy to do a review.

    PS I do like your blog:)

    1. You can get them in the US, I think Bummis is the supplier, and it is worth sourcing some out! We still love ours so much.

  3. How do you get the nappy ro stay dry even after three hours? Do you put an extra booster? I only fold up the booster, tuck it in and put a cotton liner on top and it only lasts about an hour and a half.


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