Wednesday 1 February 2012

Day 1 - Building a Fort

When I was a child, nothing beat rounding up all the duvets and blankets in the house and dragging them down the stairs. The coffee tables, dining room chairs, large toys and anything else suitable was also collected and lifted (read dragged) into the living room on a rainy day to create my own private den.

There was something magical about that cramped, dark space- it was warm, safe, people could only come in when they were invited, and that meant a 'No Brothers' sign hung over the entrance.  We could spend all day playing under some chairs and blankets, oblivious to the world around us.

For day 1 of the February Challenge, I built Dylan his first ever den.  Chairs, the sofa, and five different blankets all came together to form a lovely hidden retreat, and the moment I put the last blanket up, and created our little bubble, his face lit up with excitement. I had taken in a torch, so we lay on the floor and watched the torch light dancing on the different blankets and body parts, and he looked engrossed in the moment.

 den, baby, building a fort

I'm not sure whether today was more for me or him, but as he tried to catch the light as it flickered on the blankets, or grab whichever limb it was lighting up, it felt enjoyable for both of us.  We just need to make a 'No Daddys' sign for next time!



  1. how about tactial stuff - sand to play with, furry material, sand paper. hoe about eating an ice-cream (cold) chocolate ( melting sensation in mouth).
    what about a mirror - reflecting lights off of it and watching the flashing light - would also work with a torch.
    hand painting? feet painting - again sensations
    have you sat on a swing with him, gone round and round on a roundabout, or done you and him on 1 end of a seesaw and mummy on the other
    peek a boo with a blanket...
    has he felt grass?

  2. This sounds like wayyy loadsa fun! After reading this im tempted to make my own fort :D x


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