Monday 20 February 2012

Review - Sani + Hands Antibacterial Wipes


We were sent the Sani + Hands cleansing hand wipes to review.  The wipes come in packs of 12, which are handy handbag/ nappy bag sized.  Independently proven to be the best way to clean dirty hands, the Sani+Hands wipes are more effective than gels and foams as, although gel and foam products may kill bacteria on contact with your skin, they do not actually remove dirt.

Sani + hands, antibacterial hand wipesThe wipes sounded perfect for life with a baby, as they would combine the cleaning of baby wipes, and the sanitising of hand gel in one easy solution.  The wipes are dermatologically tested, and contain added moisturiser so do not only leave hands feeling clean, but are also kind to skin.  I was hoping that they would be gentle enough to use on Dylan.

The wipes did everything they said, keeping mummy and baby's hands clean, sanitized and free from irritation.  I also found the wipes were very handy for high chairs when out and about.  The wipes have a funky blue pattern and come in the perfect size for hands or a small surface.  They have a pleasant but not strong smell, and left us feeling clean.

Sani + Hands will be available at Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado and other independent pharmacies around the Uk, and will be sold at the affordable price of 99p.

For more details visit Sani + Hands

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  1. This is the good product and it is of immense need in summer times.


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