Tuesday 7 February 2012

Day 7- The Photoshoot

Since the birth of our son in August 2011, we have spent hundreds of pounds capturing his first months.  There are so many professional photographers preying on proud mothers that is easy to get caught up in it, taking every opportunity and filling your home with beautiful images of your baby so that even when they are asleep you cannot forget about them.

We currently have a giant image of Dylan, 2 months old hanging above our fireplace, which we payed a considerable amount for.  We have the bounty photos (They are only a new newborn once), Photo shoot photos (They had novelty hats, and do look stunning- check out the wonderful Kidz-Unlimited  ) and we have several sets of pixifoto photos (It's only five pounds, and every time I convince myself I will just get the free one- never works).  I have turned down several hopeful photographers who have rang or sent letters offering their services for very reasonable prices, relying on that newborn squishy-faced cuteness to do the selling for them.

It's not like we don't take photos of the little man, we have albums full of them, and my phone camera contains very few photos that he does not feature in, but we get caught in the professional trap every time.  The second child will probably end up with none as we will be so broke from shelling out on Dylan!

Today, I attempted my own photo shoot.  It didn't look quite professional, the lighting was nothing special, and the sheet needed an iron, but the boy sure does look cute.
baby, photoshoot, 6 months old

photoshoot, 6 month old babycloth nappies, photoshoot, 6 month old

teddy bear, funky hat, 6 month old baby, photoshoot6 month old baby, furry hat, photoshoot

photoshoot, furry hat, six month old baby

6 month old photoshoot, teddies    

Ok, I couldn't resist but add a few.  Point is, I love them.  They show my beautiful baby boy, in a very simple way, looking happy.  Not sure I will stop with the photo shoot addiction, but I have some of my own to add to the collection too now!


  1. Thank you, I am certainly very proud of him!

  2. aww how lovely, i do this with my little boy too, i just brought a black sheet of ebay because he hated the 'professional' ones we tryed to take him to, he just screamed at the photographer :) and my little boy has that hat too, great blog. am now following x x

  3. Nice to meet you! Black sheet, good idea! I improvised with an old duvet cover. Doing it properly may involve ironing however and that puts me off.


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