Friday 24 February 2012

Day 23 - Here comes the Airplane

 A lovely Thursday with Dylan's grandparents was spent at Manston Spitfire museum.  After an Al fresco lunch (Dylan's first), due to the beautifully warm weather we watched the airplanes taking off.  Kent international airport is unique in that  it is minuscule but still in operation.

It consists of one building, no bigger than a large house, and is marked off by a small fence.  As it is barely used, and only sporadically has commuter flights it is almost forgotten, but for anyone wanting to see airplanes close up, it is perfect.  They fly almost within touching distance, the take off/landing strip is clearly visible, and there is a lovely cafe (where we lunched) looking over the air fields.

spitfire museum, spitfire, grandpa

After our lovely lunch, we visited the Spitfire Museum where Dylan got his first taste of wartime history.  The museum features surviving planes from world war two as well as other artifacts, such as pilot helmets and a bouncing bomb.  Dylan was allowed to ring the bell on a wartime vehicle (with a little help from grandma),

spitfire museum, ringing bell, grandpa

We had a lovely family day out, some fresh air and some history.

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