Wednesday 22 February 2012

Day 21 + 22- Sweet Treats

Unfortunately I have not had a camera to hand for the last two days, because the mess was epic.  On day 22, we gave Dylan his first bit of real chocolate, namely, a chocolate finger.  Luckily, he happened to be wearing just a nappy at the time, so the sticky brown dribble pooled in front of rather than spreading and staining his lovely clothes.

As is recommended, he has been weaned on a healthy diet of fruit, veg, and milk but I thought it was about time he learnt the real benefit of solids- chocolate.
 Chocolate forms a large part of my diet, and although I do not want him to grow up with the same bad habits, he has been denied the sweet stuff for long enough.

He eagerly grabbed the chocolate finger out my hand, and proceeded to suck it to death, enjoying every moment, and crying out in disappointment when all was gone.  Yesterday, Dylan celebrated his first Shrove Tuesday with his first pancake.  Again we satisfied his sweet tooth  gums with a strawberry and raspberry pancake with whipped cream.   Not suprisingly the excitement in his face was obvious, and the legs kicked and twitched as the food got closer to his tray.  Pancakes were a success!

pancake day, shrove tuesday, fruit and cream pancakes

Unfortunately he is not old enough to understand bribery, as a good night sleep in exchange for a milkybar is a swap I would be more than willing to do.  I understand that chocolate is not an ideal first food, but moderation is the key.  We will not be giving the baby such nutritionally valueless things on a regular basis.

When did you first introduce 'bad' foods to your child?  Leave me a comment and let me know.

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