Monday 13 February 2012

Day 13- Valentine for Baby

The modern parent subjects their child to all sorts of abuse.  From dressing them up in seasonal outfits and silly hats, stripping them naked for photos and sharing every detail of their lives on blogs (guilty to all three). Today I forced Dylan to send his first valentines day card.
cat in the hat, baby, photoshoot
Dylan at 2 months, taken by the lovely Tracey-Anne at Kidz-Unlimited

He had no choice in the matter.  Technically he was asleep when it was purchased, written and sent.  The recipient was chosen by me, in fact they are only friends because I knew her mum, but the card clearly states it was from Dylan.  As is typical of childhood friends, they will likely grow apart, and be very embarrassed when 16 years down the line I bring up the fact that Dylan once sent a valentines day card to Chloe.  The parent of a childhood friend delighted in sending me for my 18th birthday pictures of him and myself playing naked together in the garden at 2 years old.

I am not a valentines day lover myself, the Asda value card would have served my needs completely, and the bloke feels the same.  Being told to be romantic on a certain day and being told how to do it is not my idea of romance.  I prefer spur of the moment, or at least for no good reason other than I wanted to.  But for Chloe, we went all out- 99p on a card and 70p on postage.  She should consider herself spoilt!  Hopefully this early start will mean Dylan grows up to be a gentleman, respectful of women and caring.  Realistically, he was asleep.

 There are so many opportunities to dress up and embarrass your child it is easy to forget that they are not a barbie doll, but they look so darn cute!  How have you been embarrassing your children, and is there lots of evidence?


  1. Fab card, he is absolutely gorgeous. My kids behaved so disgracefully this week I took pictures of the evidence to taunt them with when they are older ;)

  2. Oh I love that picture. So cute. I'm sure he'll be really proud of it when he's 18. Maybe.

    I've dressed the twins up as Christmas puddings when they were 6 months. They'll never forget more for that. They were so cute though, it had to be done.

    Thanks for linking to blogaholics.

  3. Glad I am not the only one who takes a lot of pictures. They can be used for bribery with a 13 year old who won't do homework too!


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