Monday 27 February 2012

Day 24- The Mini Zoo

rabbit, mini zoo, baby and rabbit

Day 24 saw Dylan being introduced to some creatures he had never come across before.  In turn he met a rabbit, a guinea pig and a budgie.  He has been around cats and dogs before, but has always seemed happy to be ignored by them.  This time he had no choice but to examine them closer.

baby and rabbit, mini zoo
First came a rabbit,
a beautifully soft white fluffy rabbit which I could not help but stroke myself.  Dylan seemed fascinated and happy to touch and play with the furry thing.  I had to hold him back from pulling the poor creatures hairs out as I think he fancied a quick taste.

baby and rabbit, mini-zoo

Next he met the little guinea pig.  Not quite as placid as the rabbit, the guinea pig did not take too kindly to the little hand that came towards it's face, and some restraint was required again.  Dylan did not seem quite as fascinated by this one.
baby and bird

The bird stopped flying around and squeaking as soon as we got close, so it took a while to get Dylan to pay attention to it.  I'm pretty sure he found the cage more interesting than the bird, especially as it had bars to play with.

guinea pig and baby
Not interested at all!
  It won't be long til he can chase a rabbit round a room, or ride a dog like a horse, but luckily I can prevent too much animal cruelty at the moment, and encourage him to play nicely with the animals.


  1. Yup enjoy him playing nicely with animals, it doesn't last long. Josh thinks being gentle is pulling my mums cats tails and rubbing their hair the wrong way, as I result they leave the house at lightening speed whenever we visit! x

    1. At least the cats are fast! Has he tried to ride them like a horse yet?


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