Wednesday 31 December 2014

Me and Mine December

As the year comes to an end, I am so happy to say that we made it a whole year of our photography project - one photo every month of our whole family.  Whilst the little changes may go unnoticed in everyday life, they seem to add up when I look back on the year.  

Archie started 2014 as a baby with wispy blonde hair but he ends it a cheeky toddler who has had too many haircuts to count.  I thought Dylan was so big back in January but I see how much he has grown and changed with preschool and more growth spurts than I thought possible.

The bloke is still mostly the same although the other side of 30 now and I . . . well I am growing outwards at an impressive rate and have had my fair share of changes too.  I wrote yesterday about our year, with all our me and mine photos, but here are this months,  taken on Christmas day in front of my parent's tree - just as we did last year.  

This month Mummy is loving cheese, Yankee candles in Christmas scents, catching up with family and friends and all the chocolate that the festive season brings.

Daddy is loving his new coffee machine (I am sure I have written that too many times this year, he now has 3!), two weeks off of work, the funny things Archie says and Christmas shopping (well the first hour anyway)

Dylan is loving the satsuma that Father Christmas brought him, sharing a room with Archie, the end of term Pre-school celebrations and chocolate coins.

Archie is loving Lego Duplo, ripping the wallpaper (the rest of us are not overly keen on this one!), his settling in day at nursery and Christmas lights.

I have loved taking part in the Me and Mine project and will definitely be documenting our changing, growing family next year too.


  1. Ahhh, these are great Becky. Loving how Archie kind of launched for your head half way through... kids!!! It will be lovely to see your family grow, quite literally in size and number next year. Exciting times ahead. x

  2. Love love love your pictures!! The happiness really shines through. So excited to see you grow and see bump turn into baby xxx

  3. Oh I love these photos, you look like such a happy fun family - love the jumpers! x

  4. These are super pictures of a lovely family - and imagine what your Christmas pics will be like next year, when your triad is complete!

  5. Aww they're lovely photos, you all look like you're having so much fun - and the jumpers just take it to another level!

  6. Lovely photo and fab jumpers! x


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