Sunday 30 November 2014

Me and Mine November

November has been a different month, with Dylan and I having some much needed time together and the bloke and Archie having theirs too.  When we combine this with plenty of rain, days where we just don't want to take a photo and the fact that I am feeling a bit under the weather at the moment, it meant we woke up this morning realising we hadn't taken a photo this month.  

For that reason, three of us are in our pyjamas, and we are having a lazy Sunday morning, as we had to split off this afternoon for different parties again.  This month has seen the temperature drop, and our weeks have involved so many more snuggles on the sofa, stories on the bed and films in the afternoons when we all need some quiet time.  My camera was balanced precariously on the stand as I can't find a missing piece and the light isn't great.  I look tired and ill and Archie has stickers in his hair - This is our November!

me and mine, family portrait, family photo, bedtime stories

Mummy is loving passing 24 weeks in this pregnancy and planning more for little Pretzel's arrival, time with her big boy on their own, cheese (by the block) and sneaky afternoon naps.

Daddy is loving feeling organised and making a start on the Christmas shopping (rather than his usual Christmas eve trick), spending time with Archie, his new coffee machine and Ferrero Rocher.

Dylan is loving seeing the Snowman on stage, having popcorn at the cinema, learning new songs for the Preschool nativity and going on his first sleepover.

Archie is loving playing football, walking backwards, eating oranges (and asking for more all day long) and taking all his clothes off!

We are all looking forward to a lovely December full of Christmassy things, family time and plenty of good food!


  1. Aww love this photo. Pyjama days are the best! x

  2. These are sweet, I love a good pyjama day! You guys look very cosy xx

  3. Gosh - you'd never know that you were feeling under the weather! I don't look as good as you do on my GOOD days! ;)

    Those are lovely, joyful pictures. Pyjama days are wonderful.

  4. I love these photos! They're so natural and lovely - gorgeous PJs! x

  5. Aww these are gorgeous pictures - you look so wonderfully cosy all snuggled up together - and for the record I'm certain that stickers in your hair is a fashion statement - at least that's what I'm claiming :)

  6. Awww lovely natural photo! Loving your christmas jammies! x

  7. Aww lovely photo, you all look so cosy! Luke also has a thing for stripping his clothes off and running around in the nip :)


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