Tuesday 25 November 2014

Him and I

one on one time, my three year old, day with a preschooler.

We had 9 months together, every day and then another 9 months of him being my number one little guy whilst I juggled part time work with being a full time Mum.  At 18 months he became a big brother, and things changed.  With a baby determined to be physically attached to me at all times, my little guy became closer to his Daddy as that was the natural split when it came to some one on one time.  We still had our moments, but they were not as easy.  With a third baby set to change things up yet again and school on the horizon, time with my biggest little guy has become even more precious than ever.

He is in a period of change, with new influences at Preschool and more independence with it.  He wants to do things his way, he wants to learn and grow and he can't wait to be big.  At the same time, he can change from a little boy back to my baby in the blink of an eye, and when tiredness kicks in, he cuddles in the same way he did three years ago, he sucks his thumb and he needs me as he always has.  His body is growing up, and his limbs get longer as those parts that are so sweet and chubby on a baby get slimmer.  He is more aware, yet still delightfully naive and he is still sensitive and still mine.

Dylan and I took a day to ourselves at the weekend, just him and I, and I loved rediscovering what a wonderful little companion he is.  He was so excited about having a special day together, and as we sat playing memory on the train together, I realised how much I missed spending proper time with him.

The day I had planned didn't involve nearly as much water as the sky seemed to be throwing down, but three year olds do not seem to be put off rain (in fact he asked if we could play in the rain).  We saw the huge Christmas tree at Covent Garden and the big silver reindeer, we shared a shake and talked about our favourite things and we wandered the streets and shops, enjoying life at a preschooler's pace.

covent garden, christmas in London

We were lucky enough to be invited to see the Paddington Movie by Warburtons and our special screening in the West End cinema was a great afternoon treat.  We both loved the film (I already want to go and see it again!), and it was lovely to share a popcorn and watch my little guy's face light up as he watched the big screen.  

We held hands, ate cake, laughed together and enjoyed our day, we came home exhausted and happy.  I miss spending every day with Dylan now that work and preschool have got in the way, and I know that he won't always want to spend his time with me, so I am hoping we can find more time for just us, for him and I.


  1. Ah it looks like a lovely day just the two of you- I love spending one on one time with the girls. x

  2. Aww this is lovely, you can tell how much it meant to you to get the one on one time. It is so special to have him all to yourself for a day (and to see the Paddington Movie). I know how you feel and I wish I got more time to spend just with Lucas, maybe a resolution for the new year! xx


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