Saturday 29 November 2014

25 Weeks Pregnant

I am using tiredness and two toddlers as my excuse for being so behind with my pregnancy posts as I am now most definitely 26 weeks, but I am finally publishing last weeks update!

At 25 weeks I should be feeling full of energy and even glowing but neither of these are true of this pregnancy.  I don't feel that I have gotten into the stride of things, and I still need to nap some afternoons to get me through the days.  I am so thankful that my boys seem to appreciate this need!  Whilst it is partly my own fault for not going to bed earlier, the boys don't seem to be sleeping well at the moment and that really isn't helping!

I am still not feeling as much movement as I would like, but I think that is due to being very busy and my anterior placenta.  I feel baby every day, and when I work from home, lounging around on the sofa I definitely feel him more.  I am wearing my count the kicks band every day, although I don't use it as much as I should yet.

My bump seems to be still spreading up rather than out, and that is making the bending more difficult, which I soon discover when I try and put socks on half asleep every morning.  I am loving having it there though, even if people seem to think baby will be here a lot earlier than March from looking at me.  

I think I have started having a few more cravings, although nothing that lasts more than a few hours.  After eating a dinner containing a whole ball of mozzarella, I settled down to another ball straight out the packet and ate the whole thing, followed by a whole baking camembert the next day.  So far there hasn't been anything I wouldn't eat anyway, I am just eating more of things than I would normally.

My task for this week is to really look into hypnobirthing, as I know I need to start listening to the CDs and reading the books now if I want to put it into practice at the birth.  It is still just a nice idea in my head, but I would love to give it a go. 

I am still not suffering from many symptoms which I am thankful for, and it seems in many way this pregnancy is a lot like the two before it, just with those two babies using me as a climbing frame!

I couldn't find the piece that affixes my camera to the tripod so we have a slightly differently styled photo this week, but I was in a rush to take it in the right week! (I couldn't find the window cleaner for the mirror either it seems!)

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  1. Mmmm cheese! I am behind with my updates too, so am linking up week 20, which was 2 weeks ago but maybe i'll get my bum in gear this week and get another one in!
    I know what you mean about the bump spreading up, it does make reaching feet difficult, but you look gorgeous nonetheless!

  2. I can imagine it's hard work getting anything done with two little ones, being pregnant and tiredness thrown into the mix. I'm struggling with tiredness this week and just want to sleep in my free time :(

  3. Your bump is amazing, how gorgeous do you look?!?! x


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