Sunday 23 November 2014

21 Months Old

My littlest guy has hit the milestone of 21 months, meaning that his second birthday is coming around fast.  The benefit of a February baby means I don't really need to think about this until after Christmas though which is comforting.  Archie is a crazy, cuddly and cheeky toddler with a fearless streak that is so different from his brother

From the moment he wakes up until he finally drifts off, Archie knows what he wants, and he thinks he knows how to get it.  We are definitely at the beginning of the terrible twos and I expect it to be much worse than it was with his brother.  He has a little temper which we see when he doesn't get his way, and whilst he is lovely around other people, he does like to play up for his Mummy sometimes.

Archie is also so cuddly, and he loves to snuggle up for a drink and snack or just because.  He won't go to bed without plenty of cuddles and I love the way his fingers cling around my neck, letting me know he still needs me. He loves being close, and has been going through a clingier phase the last couple of months, which we seem to be coming out of now.

Whilst Dylan would happily sit in a buggy now if given the choice, Archie is not convinced it is for him, and he has to be very tired or offered food to voluntarily sit.  Unfortunately whilst he can walk for a long time without tiring, he isn't always convinced that we are walking the right way, and he finds it hilarious to run up people's paths and bang on their doors before running away giggling.  We haven't tried anything like reins yet but he is getting better.  He loves puddles and isn't fussed on what footwear he has on, if there is something to jump in.  He is interested in everything and walks with a handful of leaves, stones and anything else that catches his fancy.  I am really enjoying having some time with just Archie whilst Dylan is at nursery as it means we have the freedom to just walk with no time restraint and I can enjoy seeing the world through his eyes.

If I compare Archie's speech to his brother's at the same time, then he is a long way behind, but I think he is probably more 'average' and I am not worried.  He has a lot of words, but he isn't yet stringing them together into phrases and sentences.  He still wakes up in the morning with a 'Mummy, milk, drink, cup, lid, breakfast, hungry, beebies!', but the words are punctuated and listed rather than put together.  He knows how to get what he wants though, and his pronounciation is getting clearer even if he does still need a translator.

At 21 months, Archie is a little monkey, and silence is definitely worrying.  Popping out the room for two minutes means coming back to the unknown.  Sometimes he is sitting so nicely playing that I want to creep back out so that I don't interrupt, other times he has poured his milk all over the sofa and is having such fun splashing in it that I don't know whether to laugh or get cross!  He loves all things with wheels, and even better if it has a siren, and the binmen collecting our rubbish on a Friday morning seems to be the highlight of his week, as he stands captivated for ages.  This month stickers have been introduced and he can't get enough of them.  I find them everywhere in my house, and even after a bath, he seems to have them on his feet and coming out his ears.  

Archie has the cheekiest grin and he loves to make us laugh.  He has a crazy way of walking sometimes with his legs wide and straight and his head bopping from one side to the other that I don't know where he picked up and he thinks farts are the funniest thing in the world.  He is crazy, loving and desperate to be like his big brother.  He would live on chips and oranges given half the chance (although he eats pretty much everything) and goes from being an independent little guy to my little baby in the blink of an eye.

My little dude is definitely growing up, but seeing his personality comes out more and more is just amazing.


  1. Aww he sounds like a wonderful little boy, and I love that quiet is a suspicious sound for you too!

  2. He is growing up so much! Love his hat :) x

  3. He sounds so much like my son Oliver (i think there exactly the same age and have the same jacket). Its rather odd how alike they sound! He has such a cheeky little face! Becky x

  4. Aww he sounds like he's doing so well. Ethan doesn't say any words at all yet (at 19 months!).. I think one day he'll just come out with a long sentence lol. x

  5. So cute!! And congrats to both of you :)


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