Friday 31 October 2014

Me and Mine - October

Somehow it is the end of the month, and I had forgotten to take a nice photo (yet again).  Luckily we do have one from this month that I can use, from an afternoon we spent at the local park playing in the autumn leaves.

October has flown by, with a weekend away in London for the littlies and I, our 20 week scan and plenty of quiet weeks as well, with Preschool playing a big part for Dylan.  Archie's language seems to be coming on massively at the moment, and he likes to make it known very loudly.  The autumn weather has been mild, and there are constantly leaves stuck to wellies and pushchair wheels as we spend as much time outdoors as we can before it gets chillier. 

This month Mummy is loving finding out baby pretzel is a boy, shopping for baby things, Screme eggs and cosy evenings with slippers, blankets, candles and hot chocolate.

Daddy is loving a promotion at work, teaching Archie some football skills, eating healthier and his new bike.

Dylan is loving Halloween games, our day at the zoo, his Playmobil caravan and watching Ice Age with popcorn on a Friday night.

Archie is loving anything with a siren, telling people off, snuggles with Mummy in the morning and spending time with Aunty NatNat.


  1. This seems like such a lovely Autumn, we have enjoyed getting out in the milder weather too. It won't be long until you have one more joining your photos, you are looking so well xx

  2. Lovely photo and congratulations on the impending baby boy :)

  3. Ahhh so lovely. You look so fab too hunny! Glowing!!! Congrats Daddy on the promotion at work. Hurray! And who doesn't love halloween games. buba is all about them right now. hahaha Lovely post. #me&mine

  4. It's a lovely photo - you all look so happy it must have been a fun afternoon!

  5. Lovely to hear about your happy family times and congratulations on you baby news.


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