Saturday 13 December 2014

My Funny Little Boy - December

My posts about the funny things Dylan says are rather sporadic, but I realised my draft post was growing rather long, so it was probably about time to share!  As he has grown, there are fewer if any mispronunications, but far more interesting questions and I would love to be inside his mind just for a day to see how it works.

This collection of funnies is from aged 3 to 3 and a quarter

After trying his first fizzy drink - 'That was a bit prickly!'

Me: What do you think you will be when you are grown up?
Dylan: Four!

Dylan: Mummy, where is that cat's thumb?
Me: I don't think cats really have thumbs Dylan
Dylan:  (In a very serious tone) How does it sleep then?

'We need to have kind hands . . .  and kind nipples'

'If we do that then the policeman will tell us off and then a monster will gobble all of us up and then the cars will crush us into halfs!'

'Do you need the map on your telephone to find the way to nursery Daddy?'

'The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker all sailed off in a rotten potatar'

'I went for a walk on a tiger last week.  It was really interesting because there were no trains so I had to sit on a tiger.'

Dylan: Mummy, I can tell you a story, would you like a story about giants or Mickey Mouse?
Me: How about a pirate story?
Dylan: No all my stories are about mickey mouse or a giant

Talking about crossing the road
'yes mummy, because it will hurt a lot if the car ponks us'

'Mummy, Can you do me a flavour?'

'I know what a baby sun is called, it is a sunshine!'

'Daddy made the cakes wrong because he didn't listen to google, we must always listen to google.'

Dylan: (Sounding outraged) Eggs don't come from chickens mummy!
Me: They do Dylan
Dylan: But shops don't have chickens, and they don't have arms or legs either so how do they get the eggs?

I wish I could record all the funny things my clever little guy says!


  1. Oh I love the baby suns are sunshine- that's just so sweet!!

  2. hahahahahaha Can you do me a flavour?! hehe! Too cute! Kids really do say the funniest things x

  3. Oh bless him! I love the things kids come out with! x

  4. I love these kinds of posts- so cute! The prickly fizzy drink is the cutest thing ever! x


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