Thursday 1 August 2013

Nun-Night One Year Old

To my gorgeous boy,

It was a whole year ago that I wrote you this letter and I would never have believed how much can change in just 52 weeks.  You are now a walking, talking toddler with the cheekiest smile and the most beautiful eyes.  You are a fantastic big brother, including Archie in everything you do and you love to make him laugh.  You are still and will always be, my baby, but you are growing up before my eyes.

Your language has come on so much in the last year and you are now talking in sentences (non-stop if we are at home).  The baby talk is slowly phasing out but you still mispronounce the odd word and I love to hear you speak.  You know your colours, shapes and numbers and have an obsessions with puzzles.  You let us know your mind and it is wonderful being able to communicate with you so well now.

Despite having a broken leg that is stopping you walking, you are getting around just fine and it has taken you until now to perfect the art of bum-shuffling and crawling.  Despite having to spend weeks inside and having to watch your friends run around and play, you have not complained and I have never been prouder of you.  You brightened everyone's day in hospital with your smiles and laughs and kept me going even when things were tough.  The nurses loved you, the children loved you and we had so many visitors, it is clear to see how loved you are.

Your personality shows through more and more every day and I love learning about you.  You couldn't love your fruit more, one bowl of strawberries is never enough and you will often pick a satsuma over chocolate..  Your new love of airplanes and rockets mean that when you have finished with a toy you yell 'blast off' as you pretend to shoot it up into the air and no matter what shapes we make with Duplo, they are always airplanes..  

Your energy is infectious and everything is a potential adventure.  You can find a puddle to jump in, despite it not having rained for a week and we stop to examine leaves, trees and stones.  You help me see the beauty in the world around me when it passed me by before.  You make me appreciate what I have and the things we have done and you make me strive to be the best mother and the best me that I can be.

turning 2, letter to my two year old, 2nd birthday

I want to show you things, teach you things but you are not even two yet and it is you that is showing and teaching me.  It was always you and me, (and Daddy at the weekends) but now we have another little person in our team and you are showing and teaching him too.

Somedays I look at you and see the child that you have become, the sociable confident little boy.  Other days you remind me that you are still only so young and when you cuddle into my lap and suck your thumb, you are still my little baby.

Tomorrow you will wake up and be 2.  Tomorrow I will wake up and be the mother of a 2 year old and baby boy, I am so happy that I am your mama.  

Your floppy blonde hair, your big blue eyes, your totally edible chubby cheeks, 16 teeth and still the chunkiest thighs I have ever seen.  There is so much I want to remember from this past year and I am so glad I have it recorded here.  

Sleep tight my gorgeous one year old, for tomorrow is a big day.

Love Mummy


  1. Beautiful! SO So glad that you are all out of hospital and able to spend the day at home together. Happy second birthday D! Lots of love, Laura and Leo xx

    1. Thanks, It really would not have been the same crowded into a cubicle!

  2. Aww, a beautiful post for a gorgeous boy - have a very happy birthday tomorrow!

  3. Ahhhh, lovely. I hope he has a lovely birthday. He's a fantastic littl boy and you should be so proud of him. x

  4. So beautiful and perfectly written, hope his birthday is very special indeed! xx

    1. Thanks, we have had a perfect couple of days

  5. Such a lovely post.

    Happy Birthday! Hope you all have a lovely day.

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  7. Lovely post! He is a super star! Happy Birthday D! x x x

  8. So beautiful and so eloquently written as always. I think this birthday will stand out forever because of recent events, but it is also wonderful to record the minutiae of this time as well. I hope you are all recovering from the excitement of the past few days and enjoying lots of snuggles with your two year old!! xx


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