Tuesday 27 August 2013

Ready to Go!

Archie is now confidently rolling around the room and can sit unaided for quite some time, so the next step in his physical journey is learning to crawl.  I am loving the stage we are in now, and Archie looks so content sat surrounded by his toys but as with every stage, it is fleeting.  Dylan was over a year old before he crawled but I can already tell that Archie is desperate to be on the go and he won't still be sat still in six months time.

Dylan is a particularly chilled little boy and despite our house not being particularly baby-proofed (we still haven't put up stairgates!), he has never come to any harm.  He is happy to step over wires, ignore the coal fire and wait for a parent before ascending the stairs.  I can already tell you that Archie will be different.

The boys are opposites in so many ways and I think having an older brother will encourage Archie even more. I can already see a cheeky glint in his eye and I know that before long we will have to be raising everything up a level and preparing for chaos.

My main priority is avoiding a serious injury, and after Dylan's broken leg and our hospital stay this summer, I am certainly not taking any risks.  The stairgates will be going up in the next few weeks, the kitchen cleaning cupboards will be getting locks put on and the wires will have to be tucked away somewhere.

Dylan is still not much of a climber (even less so with a mending leg), but I have visions of Archie half way up the curtains everytime I turn my back and I am worried about how I will cope after having such an easy time with Dylan.  I don't want to be looking for head injury advice every other week when he is jumping off the mantelpiece!

Our back garden is not ideal for children as it is set on three levels, but at the moment Dylan is happy to play on just the one, ignoring the stairs completely all the while there is a bike and a paddling pool to keep his attention.  When friends bring their children round to play though, it is a different story and they are always off exploring.  I know that Archie will be like that in the not too distant future and I have no idea how we can babyproof the garden.

Our babyproofing (take 2) adventure is about to begin as I can already see that at 6 months old Archie is just desperate to be on the move.  Wish us luck!


  1. He is such a cutie Bex, can't believe he's 6 months old already. Feels like only yesterday you were announcing you were pregnant. We've just started the 'baby proofing' stage with Riley so can totally relate to you on this.x
    Love From Mummy

  2. What a little charmer he is. Good luck babyproofing!

  3. Aww what a sweetheart! Too cute x

  4. Good luck with the babyproofing!

  5. Haha Sienna sounds like Archie, is in to everything and has that cheeky look! ;) Baby proofing was imminent for us! Kerry X

  6. Our back garden is the same 3, levels with steep concrete steps leading to each and Fifi is incredibly determined. She can actually manage them but you can never be sure when an accident may happen and they terrify me! x

  7. I remember baby proofing my house and they always find something you haven't done, no matter how small.


  8. Ahhh bless - he has a smile to melt one thousand hearts!


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