Friday 23 August 2013

Don't Let Me Forget

Don't let me forget the little things,

The smile on Archie's face when I go and get him up from his nap.

The way Dylan sings Twinkle Twinkle at every possible opportunity.

The smell of Archie's head- that wonderful milky baby scent that makes you want to just cuddle them all day.

The Cheeky smile Dylan gives when he is asking for a biscuit.

The way Archie starts shaking with excitement as you lower him into the bath.

The way Dylan cuddles up to me when the Rhyme Rocket is on.

The desperation with which Archie waits for milk and that sigh of relief as he latches on.

Hearing cries of 'Cold blue milk' as I wake up coming from Dylan's cot.

Listening to Dylan blowing raspberrys on Archie and hearing them both laughing together.

Their beautiful faces as they sleep, so unbelievably peaceful

These special everyday moments.

Life is a series of moments, each one as important as the other.  Some may seem big, and some insignificant but every single one is shaping the people our children will become. I know I will remember the holidays, the broken legs, and the birthdays, but I want to remember the smells, the sounds and the special things that made these early years so precious.


  1. I love this post and all it's special moments, it wi be one of those you look back on and so won't forget x

  2. Awww that made me cry a little bit :) xx

  3. Lovely words and lovely pictures - I definitely agree there's something special about baby smell - it goes hand in hand with warm soft little hugs and I never want to forget it.


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