Thursday 29 August 2013

A 90th Birthday

Family is so important to me and I feel incredibly lucky to come from such a big and loving one.  I have lots of Aunties and Uncles both close and far, and although my grandparents are sadly no longer around, I do have a Great Aunt who celebrated turning 90 this week.

90th birthday cakes, personalised cupcakes, 90th birthday party

Cue a big party, cousins, cupcakes and baby cuddles.  The party was held at a relatives house and their beautiful garden had a gazebo full of goodies to eat, chairs and tables for chatting and plenty of space for the little ones to run around.

giant football, family birthday party

toddler with giant football, 90th family party

Uncles and cousins kept the children amused with giant footballs and a pinata filled with sweeties, and everyone enjoyed a good catch up.  We gathered from all over the country, and my Aunty from Australia even managed to time her visit so that she could be there.  There are not many occasions that bring us all together but 90 years is a pretty impressive achievement!

pinata, 90th birthday party, pinata at children's party

Growing up with such a close extended family was an amazing experience and I really hope that my children get to benefit from having so many wonderful relatives around too.  Dylan loves seeing his great aunties and uncles and playing with my cousin's children (and grandchildren).  Archie had other babies to sit and chew things with and I got to eat 6 different deserts(the sign of a good day)!

children's party bag, child at 90th birthday, family party, party horn, the mummy adventure

It happened to be my birthday on exactly the same day but my 26 years is nothing in comparison to the 90 that my great Aunt was celebrating.  It was lovely to spend the day with the people that are important to me though, those that have known me my whole life and who love and care for my babies.

the mummy adventure, family photo,

I hope that my Aunty had a birthday to remember and I hope that in 64 years time I can get quite as many loved ones together to celebrate my special day too!  I hope that my boys grow up surrounded by people they love, and that they learn the true importance of family.

great aunt, turning 90, 90th birthday, family
My Mum and her Aunty


  1. It looks like a wonderful party - and the picture of your aunt as a child on her cupcakes has a real look of your boys!

  2. What a beautiful day that looks...
    I love the size of that pinata!! WOW!
    & the family photo of you four, is gorgeous!! one that deserves to go in one of your rainbow frames in your lounge :D.
    (Love your dress).
    Hope you had a lovely birthday, as well as celebrating an amazing age x x

  3. Aww! Looks a fab day!!
    Happy birthday to you both x

  4. Aww happy belated birthday. Love the picture of you all together :)

  5. Your dress is so gorgeous! Love your boys in the picture too, my baby girl always has something in her face from her big sister too :) hehe. L x

  6. Aww, this is lovely. It looks like a wonderful birthday party was had! x

  7. wow your Great Aunt looks fabulous - I bet she was glowing having all her loved ones around her.
    Happy birthday to you too

  8. That's a perfect photo to link up with Me and Mine, especially as it was such a special occasion. Definitely one for a frame. x

  9. What a special occassion to celebrate. Lovely family photo, I really like your dress x

  10. i also come from a big, close, family, and I always enjoy our meet-ups and parties with the extended family. And Happy Birthday to you!!

  11. Looks like a wonderful party and you managed to get a lovely family snap too! x x x

  12. It looks a great day and we are only sorry we could not be there to share it with you. xxxx GG

  13. Ahhh 90 years and those cupcakes are fabulous and so original - never even knew you could do that! Glad the day went well - lovely photos - thanks for sharing!

  14. Firstly, how BIG is that football? That's amazing! Where are they from?
    Secondly, how BIG is your youngest now? Grown so much since BritMums and that meal out.
    These are lovely photos and the party looks fabulous. Love your dress too hun x


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