Monday 12 August 2013

Our Family, Right Now

This is our family, right now;

Mummy Likes:

Summer dresses
Days at the beach
Sweet and salted popcorn
Hearing my boys giggling together

Daddy Likes:

Time off of work
Bahlsen Jaffa Cake biscuits
Teaching Dylan to walk again
Cold beer on a hot day

Dylan Likes:

Singing '10 little monkeys jumping on the bed'
Playing with water beads in the paddling pool
Showing things to 'Bubba'

Archie Likes:

Having his tummy tickled
Being carried in the sling
Standing on his feet.

Today will only happen once, this part of our lives is fleeting, 
so this is just a little reminder our family, right now.


  1. you have such a gorgeous family - what a lovely post ;)

  2. Such a good idea! You should do a linky!

    1. There is a fab linky over on Dear Beautiful Boy which I will be joining this in with when they put it up at the end of the month, for taking family photos. x

  3. Ooh I love this idea and I agree with Faded Seaside Mama, linky! Lovely photo too! :) xx

  4. Gorgeous little family, I admit I really need to take more shots of us all together. Time goes quickly x

  5. And what a lovely little family you are ;) xxx

  6. Beautiful family and lovely little post.. Reminds us to take a step back once in a while and take in what we have.. time goes by too quickly x

  7. Gorgeous Bex, thats definitely one for a frame. I am so pleased you are out and about now Dylan's leg is a bit better. x

  8. Beautiful post, I never tire of listening to the children playing happily! x


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