Tuesday 13 August 2013

Neal and Wolf Haircare Review

As parents, we are great at spoiling our children, but often not so good at treating ourselves.  Neal and Wolf offered to send me some products and I was very excited about something for 'me'

Bath time is just about the only time I switch off.  I am either looking after the children or listening out for them through the baby monitor, but when I am in the bath, the bloke has full responsibility and I just sit and enjoy the bubbles.  I shower or bath in the evenings as keeping the little ones occupied and out of trouble in the morning sounds like an impossibility and I look forward that little bit of 'me time' all day.

Despite baths now being my biggest indulgence (never imagined that 3 years ago!), I rarely buy myself those lovely products I like to sniff in the supermarkets.  I tend to go for the haircare that I have tried and trust which happens to be very reasonably priced.  The Neal and Wolf products are more than I have spent on hair products for quite some time, but as I am always complaining about how much TLC my hair needs, I can't explain why I haven't invested before.

The Harmony conditioner was thinner than I expected but left my hair feeling super soft and tangle free.  I have previously found that the more expensive the conditioner is, the less effective (go figure!), but I was pleasantly surprised when my hair felt like it had had a mini treatment after only one wash.

HARMONY Intensive Care Treatment

I have also been testing the blow dry cream and the heat protection spray.  As I tend to wash my hair mostly in the evenings and then sleep with it wet, I haven't used the blow dry cream as much, but it is non-greasy and leaves my hair feeling lush.

SILK Smoothing Blow-dry Balm

The heat protection spray is my favourite of the three products however, and the smell is divine.  My hair feels protected and not weighed down and I definitely think it leaves my hair in better condition than other sprays I have tried.  I straighten my hair near enough every day and so have used this product so many times, and I still look forward to spritzing and smelling.

GUARD Heat Protection

The products are a luxury for me as I don't have the money right now to buy lots of fancy things, but the straightening spray doesn't feel so much like an indulgence as it lasts for so long and smells so good! I will definitely buy the spray again and the conditioner as well as a treat.  I need to try a shampoo next and I have high expectations after getting on so well with the other products.

The Neal and Wolf hair care range is great quality, beautiful smelling and really not that expensive when you work out how much you get from each bottle (around £10-£13 per product).  As a mother who rarely buys for herself, this may well become my guilty pleasure and I would recommend it to other mums who may not look after themselves the way they once did.

Disclaimer:  I was sent these products for the purpose of this review but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.

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