Tuesday 27 August 2013

Cow and Gate Fruit Pouches Review

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Despite being a self confessed chocoholic, I am very fussy about what my children eat.  Dylan is now 2 years old and considers raisins and strawberries a treat and dried fruit is still 'sweeties'.  I don't add sugar or salt to cooking and try to give him as balanced a diet as possible.

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When we started weaning Archie, I had the same outlook and am very cautious about what I feed him.  We have taken a mixed approach with elements of baby led weaning as well as some spoon feeding, and we were sent a set of Cow and Gate's new 100% fruit pouches for Archie to try.

Arriving with a white bib (which is unlikely to stay that colour for much longer!), the new pouches look great and I felt happy feeding them to my son knowing there were no nasties in there. Being a little on the gummy side, there is no way he can eat a pear or apple quite yet, so the pouches are the perfect way to get him used to different flavours. 

Strawberry and banana were a big hit with Archie and I had a toddler who was more than happy to finish off anything he couldn't manage (especially the pear).  Dylan gave every single flavour the thumbs up, and he loved having them as a snack straight from the pouch.  If you don't have a toddler hoover nearby though, the pouches can be kept in the fridge which is perfect as at 6 months, one packet will last more than one meal for my little guy.

These pouches are reliable, tasty (according to my 2 year old) and so easy to use.  I don' leave the house without one in my nappy bag as they make an easy meal for a baby and a great nutritious snack for a toddler.

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