Wednesday 14 August 2013

Learning to Walk (Again)

Being a boy isn't all about climbing trees and mud under your fingernails, but that is definitely part of the fun.  Dylan has been busy discovering his new found mobility; climbing, exploring and generally getting grubby.

Not being able to walk unaided means
a lot more crawling, climbing and cruising.  Being immobile, we have not been bothered about dressing him in shoes, but as he has started exploring again, I begin to see the cheeky little boy that he is becoming, muddy feet and all.

He is still a cautious little thing, but as he grows he is becoming more confident and more determined.  He will do the same hurdle over and over again until he can manage it, no matter how long it takes.  I have always been called stubborn, and I think I have passed this streak on to my eldest child as he is not afraid to try and try again when he has his mind set on something.

This weekend at the park, he practiced walking (still holding on) and learnt the climbing frame inside and out.  With Mummy or Daddy not far behind, he had no problem navigating the new terrain and it was amazing to see him playing outdoors again after so long stuck inside.  

Yesterday, he took his first steps unaided (for the second time anyway) and it won't be long now until he is running rings around us yet again!


  1. It's wonderful to see him out and about and having so much fun after weeks cooped up inside - muddy feet and all!

  2. Ah I bet it is so amazing for you all to see him walking again, and for him of course! I honestly can't even imagine how difficult it must have been having him in hospital not being able to move from him bed all day for weeks. Hopefully we get some more sun for you all to enjoy xx


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