Saturday 24 August 2013

Baby Wearing with the Ergo Stowaway

I am a huge lover of babywearing and now that I have two under twos, I honestly don't know how people get anything done without a carrier! I have a variety of slings and carriers, but the Ergo Stowaway is perfect for me at the moment.  It is a soft-structured carrier suitable from birth up to 44lb toddlers and I have been wearing both my boys in it.  The handy part is, that it folds in to its pocket and it incredibly compact when not in use.

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I usually take out a double pushchair, but Archie is not the biggest fan of buggies and he won't fall asleep on his back so I rely on a carrier when he gets tired.  The Ergo Stowaway fits easily under any pushchair, even with all the other bits I like to carry around and my baby boy is asleep within seconds as he cuddles into me.

The stowaway is comfortable for both parent and child and keeps baby in the best possible position for carrying, with their knees higher than their bottom and curved towards me.  Babies should ideally have knee to knee support to keep their hips in the ideal position and this carrier is suitable for babies with hip problems such as hip dysplasia  

Although Dylan is no longer knee to knee in this carrier, I find it incredibly supportive considering he is 35lb and he loves having a stroll on mummy's back.  I have carried him for two hours without having any issues or strains and he had no complaints either.  The beauty of this carrier is that whichever child wants to be picked up can fit and I don't need to carry two separate slings around with me.  He loves being able to see over my shoulder and as we walk we can see all the same things and chat as we go.

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The carrier is softer than the regular Ergo carrier and although it doesn't come in the same variety of designs, I like the simple green and it is very dad-friendly so perfect for families where both parents baby-wear.  Unlike the standard Ergo, the stowaway doesn't have a storage pocket but I very rarely use the pocket on my Ergo so it wasn't something I missed.

It has a black sleep hood that can be tucked in during normal use, but when baby falls asleep, it attaches by poppers to your shoulders and stops their little head rolling back.  It is also perfect for encouraging sleep as Archie found it very calming and dark with the hood on.

I can see us getting a lot of use out of this carrier as it is perfect for quick trips and I have also done full days with only a single pushchair and the sling for Archie.  I have actually found myself reaching for this carrier more than any other as it is incredibly comfortable and unbelievably practical.  I would recommend it to both experienced baby wearers and new ones as you really can't get it wrong!

Disclaimer:  I was sent this carrier free of charge for the purpose of this review but all thoughts,
 pictures and opinions are completely my own.


  1. this looks amazing! i'm currently trying to make the babasling work for us, but so far not so much working, more annoying me and the baby!
    Lauren -

  2. fantastic that you can carry both of your children in it - its so easy to get sucked into a different carrier for each 'stage' of your child (although pretty pattern are also to blame!)

  3. fab pics, I do love black and white photos


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