Tuesday 19 May 2015

The Huggies Wipes Challenge

With three small children, we get through a lot of wipes, so we were delighted when Huggies asked us to be ambassadors for their new style wipes.  Not only will you find them in the changing bag and nappy unit, wipes are an essential in every room of our house.  From wiping bums, sticky fingers and faces to cleaning the coffee table (it is just too easy to use a wipe!) we use our Huggies wipes for so many different things.

We love the pure for Finn's delicate newborn skin and the natural care for cleaning up the impressive messes that Archie manages to create.  Huggies are asking you to challenge your wipes, and you can get a free packet just by registering here.  If you take a snap of your messy tot, whether it be rosy red chops from spaghetti bolognese or the inevitable ice cream everywhere on a sunny day, you can be in with a chance of winning one of these amazing prizes:

£500 in Asda vouchers,
A Disney hamper or 
A year's supply of wipes.

I feel like it would be unfair to enter myself as I know these mucky pups are winners for sure

And if I had taken a picture about 5 minutes later . . .

Whether your baby wants to enter the professional dribbler, mud monster or kung food fighter, why not challenge your wipes!

We can't wait to share more from Huggies HQ over the coming months and are excited to start challenging our wipes as ambassadors.

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