Sunday 31 May 2015

Me and Mine May

This month has been our most disorganised, and the main reason this post is so late in the day, is because we didn't manage to take any photos until this evening.  These are the results of the selfie cam on my mobile phone on our bed.

May has disappeared somewhere, and I can barely remember what we have done but it has already come to an end.  We have had two bank holidays, one week of half term, family picnics, days at the beach and growth spurts for all three children.

This month Mummy is loving getting back to the gym (even if it is only once a week), hanging washing on the line, having a happier baby and a night out with the girls.

The bloke is loving the extra two Mondays off of work, another new coffee gadget (yes, he does have a bit of an obsession), the first BBQ of the year and big changes at work.

Dylan is loving sleepovers at Grandma's house, getting paid with sweeties to smile for a photo, evening picnics at the park and holding Finn's hand.

Archie is loving talking - nonstop, reading his 'you choose' book, choosing a toy car to carry around with him every time we go out and taking all his clothes off.

Finn is loving getting a diagnosis of dairy intolerance, growing out of his newborn and up to 1 month clothes (finally), The Lego Movie song and his Lamaze dragon toy.


  1. Oh you have a stunning family! Finn is so much like you where as the other two are like their daddy

  2. Gorgeous family and gorgeous photos. May was ridiculously quick wasn't it?! xx

  3. So many happy faces, this is just lovely xx #meandmine

  4. Love these photos, Dylan smile is fab. Yippee to some you time and amen to washing on the line if opnly for a day x

  5. aww such sweet pictures and I'm glad I'm not the only one bribing their kids with treats for pictures ;) x


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