Sunday 17 May 2015

Football Mum

Dylan only really discovered football this year, but he loves it.  After plenty of kick-arounds in the garden and the park and two full days at a local football camp during the Easter holidays, he was really excited by the opportunity to meet a professional player and have a training session.  

Casey Stoney plays for Arsenal and England and is a mama to two tiny babies too.  She is part of a panel helping judge  the 'Football Mum of the year' award that is sponsored by McDonalds.  It is often us Mums that help spark an interest in football and the task of finding a club, buying the boots, washing the kit and ferrying them around also falls most often on the Mum.  This award helps recognise the role we play in encouraging our children and helping them

Casey was great with the boys and Dylan loved playing the games and learning new skills.  Archie joined in, but he doesn't quite have the concentration yet for a full training session and spent a lot of time dribbling the ball around.  They were both worn out by the end of the session, but desperate to play again too.

If you know a Mum who makes grassroots football possible then please nominate her.  She may help fundraise, provide refreshments, wash the kit or even coach a local team.

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  1. My boys love playing football and my oldest is at training 3 times a week and plays a match, my youngest boy is there twice a week so the washing and travelling is a juggle. My husband coaches one of their teams so it's a family thing and a lot of fun to watch them play. They are coming on well and love it so much. Lovely to see Dylan having fun and enjoying the game. x


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