Friday 22 May 2015

What The Boys Wore - Dinosaurs (H&M)

When Finn was still tiny and staying in special care, I popped out the hospital for a couple of hours to do something 'normal' with my big boys.  We went for a lovely lunch and then to the shops as we had bought Finn clothes anticipating a big baby, and the dinky seven pound bundle we were handed was drowned in everything we had ready.

I asked Dylan which sleepsuits we should buy for his baby brother, and he looked at my choices dismissively before announcing ' the baby won't like those, he wants dinosaurs!'.  Finding Dinosaurs on newborn clothing is not all that easy, but we managed it thanks to h&m, and we ended up picking up something for the big two as well (Dylan chose all three of these items).  

Dylan's T-Rex top is sweatshirt material and says T-Rex down the black arm.  It goes straight back on the moment it comes out the wash and is definitely his favourite top.

Archie's hoodie is age 2-4 and somehow we find H&M clothing does fit for the full 2 years.  The boys love telling us what each dinosaur is called and it seems to go with everything too.

Finn's romper is part of a 2 pack, but this is definitely our favourite of the two.  He is only just outgrowing it at 12 weeks, despite it being 0-1 month and Dylan loves seeing Finn in the clothes that he chose for him.

I have two dinosaur mad toddlers, and one baby who apparently loves them too (although he hasn't quite mastered the roar that his brothers have).  We love H&M for good quality clothes at great prices, and the boys like the colourful prints and the fact they have plenty of dinosaur choices!


  1. I love having my girls wear matching but this coordinating malarkey is actually so much cuter!! I love the dinosaurs.

  2. Your boys always look amazing xxx hope you're well and loving being a mummy of three xxx

  3. That's the sweetest story. Dylan has great taste in newborn clothing and all of the boys look lovely! You coordinate them so well.

  4. Your boys are so adorable. H&M are the best for mini sleepsuits/vests/rompers in tiny sizes. I have this awesome tiny baby one with ants on both of mine wore. Ethan was only 6.5lb born two weeks late and Felix 7.6lb 6 days late so both of mine were skinny little things!! x


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