Saturday 16 May 2015

A Day at the Fayre

We love finding new things to do locally and a May fayre at the end of our road was too good to miss.  There is a big park with a small kids play area in one corner, but today it was transformed and I have never seen it as busy.  There was a dog show, beer tent, every variety of bouncy castle and a few little fairground rides.  The sun shone, the whole town came out, the ice cream van was never without a queue and there were free bus rides from the park to the harbour all afternoon.

Archie had a little snooze whilst we examined the tombolas, climbed aboard an ambulance, spun in the teacups and swung on the roundabout chairs.  He woke up the moment the word ice cream was mentioned of course, and the boys had fun exploring, choosing which flavour fudge to buy (cherry bakewell), hooking ducks and seeing so many of their friends.  I took my proper camera with me and snapped a few pictures, although I still haven't mastered the focus on fast shots, as you will be able to see.


  1. Awww this looks like a lovely day out! I grew up in a little village and we had an annual fayre that looked just like this . this has made me really reminisce! :) xx

  2. That fayre looks like so much fun and a good day had by all - love the ice cream pic! x

  3. What great photos. Looks like so much fun zz

  4. I think you have inspired me to have another go at making fudge - that stall looks amazing!

  5. All that pretty fudge! I love a local fayre. That's a happy smiley bus man :)


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