Saturday 23 May 2015

Stokke Crusi

Having three children so close together means having a puschair with more than one seat is essential.  Whilst I tend to use a single for the majority of trips out, we use a double at least once a week and I was excited to be sent the Stokke Crusi to try out.

The Crusi is not a double pushchair, but a single pushchair with an additional 'sibling seat'.  It wouldn't work for twins, or if your age gap is too small, but if you want an extra seat for tired legs or daytime snoozes then the sibling seat is pretty useful.

As a single pram, this is beautiful.  The carrycot is much bigger than on any other pram we have tried, so perfect for bigger babies.  It is positioned lovely and high which makes it easy to interact as you walk, and the quality is amazing.  I love this vibrant red and the polka dot interior is beautiful.  The fabric feels strong and is surprisingly resistant to dirt and the hood provides excellent coverage with the removable sun visor.

The carrycot or top seat is easy to remove and clicks on and off.  I found it really handy that when it was correctly in place you can see a little green spot (which was red when fitted incorrectly)

As a single pram, the basket is huge and I could fit more than I needed under the carrycot.  you do need to adjust the basket with the toggle to ensure things don't fall out as the sides are very low.

When the pushchair had the sibling seat attached, the basket became much smaller, I could fit a jacket under the seat through the side, and there is a space under the toddler's legs too, which could fit a jumper for both children and I easily

The handlebar is easy to extend using the white button on the underside.  When in carrycot mode, it can't be shortened far, but with a seat unit attached on top, it can be pushed right in and out the way.  It comes ready for a cup holder to be attached too, although they do need to be purchased seperately (£18)

When using the pushchair with a sibling seat, the additional unit slots in underneath with the adaptors.  I found with the seat unit on top it was easy to use, but with the carrycot on top it was very difficult to get a child in the bottom, unless they were willing to crawl in themselves.  The seat unit is much larger than on most other pushchair and Archie as a large 2 year old still has growing space.  There is a bar to attach as a footrest, but I haven't been able to get it to stay on - Archie doesn't seem too bothered, but Dylan would need it if he were to sit in the bottom as his legs are much longer.  The second seat doesn't have different recline options, but is at the perfect angle for a toddler to rest or sleep already.

The brakes are operated by the red lever pictured below.  It was easy to put on, but when I take the brakes off the left back wheel gets stuck and I have to lift the wheel off of the ground to get it to move forward again.

Overall, I am really impressed with this pushchair.  It is easy to push, especially in single mode, it is eyecatching and bright and looks incredibly comfortable for Finn.  The sibling seat is great for its purpose, but it isn't practical to be used full time.  It is a little close for my liking, but once you start using the pushchair with two seats, it looks much more comfortable for the child in the lower seat.

The Stokke Crusi has an RRP of £819
The seat unit is an additional £349
The sibling seat is an additional £269

Disclaimer:  We were sent the Stokke Crusi for the purpose of this review, 
but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.


  1. Good to read this as we considered the Crusi as a double then quickly realised that the sibling seat isn't a permanent option. I do think that it would be a great idea for us tho in a few months when Arlo is in a seat rather than carry cot, so there would be a bit more space for Athena in the bottom seat, as she still naps during the day but is getting happier to walk when she's not tired!

  2. It is so so beautiful! We love Stokke and bought a Scoot. But I think if we had another child when Zach's older we'd go for the Crusi as it looks really good! xx


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