Tuesday 5 May 2015

Babymoov Swoon Up

Babymoov have an innovative new bouncer and as part of our role as ambassadors, we were sent one to try.  I was really looking forward to seeing the Swoon Up, as it sounded perfect for us.  With two levels, you can have baby low down like most baby seats, but you can also have them higher up at a more interactive level.

Babymoov swoon up, baby bouncer

Having now had the bouncer for a few weeks, it is safe to say the higher position is by far the most used.  Not only can we have Finn up at the dinner table with us, but he seems a little safer when his brothers are running around the house to be up off of the floor. 

The bouncer itself is  fantastic for the early days.  The seat is adjustable, meaning it can lie completely flat, lie at an angle or sit up, as both the back rest and the leg rest are separately moved.  There is a five point harness to keep the little one safe and it is very snuggly and soft for even the littlest of babies.  We have been using it for Finn tilted as he seems happiest like this now, and he really loves his new toy.

The toy bar is very simple, and can be pushed up out of the way if you are using the bouncer for rest time.  I love the simplicity of it for babies, and when we have tried a more 'busy' chair, Finn still seems a little overwhelmed.  This provides a good level of stimulation for him now, although it would be good to add more things once he starts reaching out and wanting more to play with.

The chair feels very sturdy and well made and can be folded up too when not in use, although we leave ours out as it is used quite a lot.  I do find that when in use it takes up quite a bit of space as they legs come out quite far, but we haven't found this a problem, and it helps make the chair feel more secure.

The chair comes in two colour schemes, we went for the lighter, and I love the classic colouring. It is suitable from birth up to 9kg although I can imagine once a baby can sit unaided it won't be used very much.  The seat swivels 360 degrees too, which means you don't have to lift up the base to change baby from facing one way to another.

babymoov, swoon up, baby bouncer, interactive bouncer

I really love the Babymoov Swoon up - it looks super comfortable for Finn, it has different positions that mean it grows with him and the higher positioning is perfect with two toddlers around.  It costs £119.99 which is at the expensive end for a bouncer but I think this seat offers more than a traditional bouncer and is a great product.  It comes with a lifetime warranty and free delivery.


  1. Oh that looks fantastic - I had a newborn nest for the tripp trap when Elma an dPip were small and we loved it precisely because it was higher off the ground and out of the toddler whirlwind - we stopped using our bouncer entirely after Kitty - and this looks like a great combination of the two - it's pretty pricey though isn't it!

  2. I would have loved one of these second time round, our eldest was forever jumping on his brother while he was in his bouncer x


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