Friday 29 May 2015

Life With Three - Month 3

It has been three months since Finn entered the world and things are only getting easier.  The big boys are still just as in love with their little brother and he rewards them with more smiles now.  They ask when he is going down on the floor for tummy time and I love watching them try to entertain him, giving him things to look and pulling silly faces to get a reaction.

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When Archie was little, we had a side by side buggy and as soon as Dylan got tired, he would reach out for his brother's hand.  With a thumb in his mouth he would fall asleep knowing his sibling was there by his side.  I though the days of this were over, but Dylan loves holding Finn's hand, he finds it when they are lying on the floor, when they are in their car seats next to each other and when we cuddle up in the mornings.  Finn doesn't seem bothered either way yet, but I love watching them together.

Archie is still telling anyone who will listen about his 'little baby Finn', and he is the first person he asks for in the morning.  He still isn't the most cautious of children which means Finn is much safer up out of the way, but it is his clumsiness rather than any bad intentions which are a worry.

Finn is much happier and more settled now which is making life much easier.  I can put him down in his bouncer or in his basket and know that I have some time to play with the other boys, and I can even find the odd moment when they are all occupied to sneak into the kitchen for a much needed biscuit too.

We have moved our day back an hour as it fits in better with our natural body clocks and somehow I feel less rushed.  I don't even attempt to get to nursery on time, it isn't worth the stress and we work on our own schedule.  I love the freedom of it, and it means that I can enjoy things more without spending my mornings running around like a headless chicken.  We put all three boys to bed around 8pm (although the dinky one stays downstairs with us still) and get up closer to 9am.

After 3 months with three under fours the things I have found invaluable are:

A good sling - It makes it so much easier to get out and about and when you spend most of the day chasing toddlers, you know that baby is happy.

Our Babymoov Swoon up - Having Finn off of the ground means the other two can continue to play their crazy games and I know he is safe.

My Snuzpod - With three children demanding my attention, I love the fact that once evening comes I can snuggle up close with Finn and not have to move too far when he needs a feed.

I think there will be new challenges soon, once we have to be out the house on time every day for school, when Finn starts moving and wants to play with/chew his brothers' toys and when we have to balance being outdoors with keeping a baby cool and in the shade but for now, I feel like three is a great number.


  1. Ah so gorgeous. I would love to have more, I think 4 is my ideal number. Mr C is adamant he doesn't want another though! x

  2. Gorgeous. Glad to see that you are adapting to life with three. I have taken lots of notes, as this will be me too! I am very keen on the Babymoov swoon, as I am the same with two very playful little men x

  3. You make it look so easy. Which sling do u use? Can u recommend any? I need a good one soon :))

  4. 9am so jealous haven't been up that time in a long time. It has only been Asti who has been a good sleeper. I found a sling so helpful when chasing toddlers was my life saver at times!

  5. Oh I'll totally second the need for a sling! ours is in near constant use and desperately needs a wash but I can't risk not having it available!!

  6. It looks like you are well and truly settled in. Your boys are beautiful together and I love their matching clothes x


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