Monday 11 November 2013

My Funny Little Boy - November

As Dylan is now at that amazing age where he is curious about anything and everything, asking questions and quite often chatting nonsense, I am determined to capture the funnies as I just know he will love me for it when he is 18!  I told you about September's funnies, but here are some of the latest;

Mummy, why are you not wearing your willy?
Where's your willy gone Mummy?  You not got it on today!
(He is convinced that we 'wear' our body parts at the moment)

I am cooking fish and pirate ships for dinner

Daddy:  What did you do today Dylan?
Dylan:  We went on a yellow train
Daddy: Where did you go to?
Dylan:  Austray la la
(A bit of a recurring thing is his love for Australia, considering we have never been!)

After feeding my pretend cakes, strawberries and blueberries for 20 minutes . . .
Mummy: I am so full of pudding, I think I need some dinner now Dylan
Dylan: I made omlette for dinner.   I put it in the bin.  It's dirty now.  Can't eat it.  More pudding?

Dylan can you give Archie a kiss nun night?
Dylan: No mummy, I am TOO busy, TOO busy playing toys for kisses

and my favourite so far:

Uncle Oli:  And this is a parrot
Dylan:  What does the parrot say?
Uncle Oli: (squaking) Whose a pretty boy then
Dylan: Dylan is! But what does the parrot say?
Repeat several times until Uncle Oli gives up

Have your toddlers been spouting funnies this month too?


  1. They're brilliant! Love the dinner one!
    I keep meaning to record some of the funny things Bear says but by the time I get to write it down, I've already forgotten it!

  2. This is hilarious! He's a Good Lad x

  3. I love this crazy talking age. Everyday they say something that has you in stitches.

  4. I love this! Will be so funny to look back on, I particularly like the parrot one. Lucas has been really slow developing with his speech, I can't wait until we can have conversations x

  5. Haha the parrot bit is so funny. My nephew has became convinced that there's a type of breed of dog called 'Power Dogs' after his dad told him about them. He's incredibly annoyed that I don't know how to draw a power dog xx

  6. Austray la la is brilliant :) But the parrot conversation is what great comedy is made of!

  7. Uh-oh, body part humour - you're on a slippery slope ;)


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