Wednesday 13 November 2013

Christmas is Coming

There is no denying it, Christmas is on the way!  The shops are full of tinsel and mince pies, the festive light switch ons are happening up and down the country and my credit card is cringing at what is about to come.  

I love the festive period and I know that every year is going to get more magical as my children get older and more aware.  I know that this year Dylan will understand a little more, he already recognises Father Christmas, and we are going to attempt some Christmas films with him to really get in the spirit.  November for me is about preparing for December, and I have started a little shopping and planning, and have been busy making an advent calender (details on the blog tomorrow). 

Over the next few weeks I have a few festive features, from showing you our ideas and traditions to gift guides and reviews of perfect stocking fillers.  

Christmas this year will be a much more budget affair to what we are used to though, and I am hoping that it will remind us of what is really important; spending time with family.  There will be plenty of homemade, even if it means paint everywhere, and I am hoping our house will be full of colour, the smell of gingerbread and those magical twinkly lights.  I want Dylan to look forward to Christmas because of the magic rather than the gifts and I am hoping to start traditions to ensure this.

This year will also be Archie's first Christmas, and whilst I know that he will not understand or remember anything, I want it to be special.  I am lucky that I am not back at work yet, so will be able to spend the month of December introducing Archie to the lights and the colours of Christmas.  I can't wait to take the boys out to see the displays now that the evenings are darker, and I have no doubt that both boys will absolutely devour their Christmas roasts come the big day!

So, before I delve head first into Christmas preperations, (baring in mind the paint, washi tape and glitter are already out), do you have any suggestions for me?  Any great budget Christmas ideas, perfect crafts for a toddler or have you seen the perfect present anywhere?  


  1. That photo is ADORABLE!! I'm suffering from cruel mother/second child syndrome. I keep forgetting that it's BB's first Christmas because I'm so excited that this will be the first Christmas that CK really understands. Need to buck my ideas up!

  2. Becky, something I think is a great tradition for kids (although yours might be a wee bit young to comprehend), is to do a Xmas Eve family box. Wrap it up and let the boys open it on the afternoon of Christmas Eve. In the box you should have their new Xmas PJs (so Santa sees them looking all clean and tidy in bed!), a Xmas movie, the movie snacks + hot chocolate sachets (Perhaps for their age, you can also have soft toys incase a movie is too much!). Enjoy getting ready for Christmas and being off with your boys. Can't wait to see you all again soon xx Celeidh and Sam xx

  3. I love Christmas, it's definitely my favourite holiday so the glitter glue and tinsel is starting to come out in force! Do you have a Christingle service near you? I've loved all the candles and jelly sweets since I was tiny and the symbolism caught up as I got older. Kitty got to hold her Christingle for the first time last year and she was so excited and so careful it was magic!


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