Thursday 7 November 2013


To see the world through the eyes of the toddler would be a magical thing. A land where everything is possible, and nothing is too strange.  Where the simplest game can provide hours of amusement, and pretending to make a cup of tea is entertaining in itself.  A land where sticks become magic wands, bibs can be pirate hats and ducks can roar.

As Dylan's language grows, so does his imagination and I could spend all day watching him and listening to his constant dialogue.  Somedays he lets me in, infact he doesn't stop talking long enough for me to process anything, but other days he is whispering, or singing quietly to himself as he plays, lost in his own world.  

He will suddenly declare a shape sorter to be his helmet as he pops on his motorbike and heads off to work. He will casually tell me that Archie is a pirate and that the tictoc crocodile is coming to eat him.  A cardboard box may become and airplane, a choo choo train or the pontipines house depending on his mood.  He will insist that we look for horses on a trip to the post office and I am never quite sure which toys will have to come with us on an outing.
Every trip out takes three times as long, as we marvel over the colours of leaves, point out numbers on doors or imagine we are various vehicles as we walk (or brum) along.  Everything is an adventure, anything can be treasure and every day is special.

Afternoons at the park usually involve Dylan going into his 'house' under the slide to cook me dinner and numerous puddings.  I am presented with pretend plates full of pretend omlette, potato and carrots (and some pizza if I am lucky), followed by pretend cake, strawberries and blueberries which he insists I eat with a spoon.  We drink more cups of tea than my bladder could manage, some of which containing rather strange extra ingredients.

Telling my little man that it is time for bed can often result in a question of whether 'pretend sleeping' would be ok.  His furry friends have to be in place, each toy having an important bedtime role, and a story book and cuddle only serve to ignite his imagination as he snoozes, for come morning his head is bursting with ideas.

Imagination is a wonderful, a beautiful thing.  Dylan sees the world how he wants to see it, a blank canvas waiting to be painted on with bright colours.  I love watching and listening to him playing, wondering what he will get up to next on his very own adventure.


  1. Aaaaa lovely :) love reading about your little family. makes me so inspired your write so imaginative :)

  2. Such a lovely post and really nice photos too. I'm not that great at imaginative play (my brain is too black and white) so I sometimes struggle with it. It's so much fun to watch though - this morning, CK was a pirate and the living room rug the island where he was shipwrecked. It's very entertaining even if I did get screamed at for stepping on his 'ship'.

  3. I love love love the way kids have such a great imagination. Watching Cherry play is so entertaining at the moment. Love the last pic, he's such a cool little guy! x

  4. It is nice that kids can always rely on their imagination to get them through the day and brighten up :)


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