Saturday 9 November 2013

Plum Toy Kitchen Review

I was starting to notice that Dylan gravitated towards toy kitchens when we are at play groups and friend's houses and with the bloke and I actively avoiding cooking unless absolutely necessary, it seemed a good idea to encourage someone in the family to feel at home in the kitchen.  

Plum sent us one of their beautiful wooden kitchens and from the moment the box arrived, Dylan was excited.  I put the kitchen together with a little 'help' from a toddler and teething baby, and it was ready to go within 45 minutes.

The kitchen is perfect sized for a small toddler and I think would be great for a 2, 3 or 4 year old.  The blue colour goes perfectly with our playroom and is refreshingly neutral compared to many of the other options on the market.  The unit comes with removable sink, two side shelves, openable oven, three hooks on one side with two kitchen utensils and a small saucepan as well.  

I love the way this kitchen has encouraged Dylan's imagination. I love the simplicity, the space and the possibilities and the classic wooden style.  Whenever we have playdates, this is without a doubt the most used toy and his friends love it, cooking wooden pizzas in the oven, and frying all manner of food (and toy cars on occassion too).

I did have a small issue with the tap and getting it properly affixed, but it isn't an issue that is affecting play. When I contacted Plum they replaced it straight away with some advice to stop the same thing happening again.  I have to admit to being a complete novice when it comes to flat pack so this may well be down to my terrible screwdriver skills but I was really happy with the customer service.

We are finding the two shelves on the side perfect for storing Dylan's collection of wooden foods and kitchen equipment and purchased a couple of tubs from the pound shop to keep it all together.  I would have loved an extra shelf in side the oven as well as it is a rather large space, but it is perfect for cooking wooden pizza in apparently!

I would recommend this kitchen for toddlers, those without the space for a huge one, and for anyone who is looking for traditional and wooden.  We have already had hours of entertainment and I know that this will be a favourite for years to come

You can find this Hendon Kitchen on the Plum website for £70 along with lots of other gorgeous choices.

Disclaimer:  We were sent this toy kitchen for the purpose of this review but 
all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.


  1. Looks fab, got to love any wooden toys x

  2. Love it! So bright and colourful. I love the Plum range x

  3. I like the colours - not sure that Little Owl is ready for a kitchen this year but I'm going to check out their other stuff!

  4. This looks great, I love role play toys and it's good it isn't pink like a lot seem to be!

    Kerry @ Lived With Love! | Mummy, Beauty & Lifestyle blog

  5. I do love the Plum kitchens and this one is gorgeous!

  6. This looks great, I haven't heard of Plum before. We have an Ikea kitchen and it is amazing, definitely one of Mads favourite toys. x

  7. Love the colours. Looks much better than the one I got for my girls!


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