Saturday 30 November 2013

Cardboard Christmas Cutouts

December is so so close now and I can't wait to get our house looking all festive and break into the glitter.  I *may* have a festive soundtrack on as I type despite promising myself I would wait until the 1st of December.  This week, I have been doing a lovely little craft with the boys that involves a large cardboard box (and we co-incidentally got a lovely delivery in a huge box this week from My Layabout)

I opened out the box, laid the children down and (with a little help from someone to distract them) drew round them.  Their silhouette then became a festive character using some paint, some gloopy glue and some trusty tissue paper.  

A friend has made Santa and an Elf with her two boys but Dylan knew he wanted to be a snowman and Archie was the perfect shape for a gingerbread man.  Dylan loves seeing it, and the cardboard figures will be decorating our living room for the next month.

I am undecided on whether to cut out our figures, or weather to paint the background now so any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


  1. That's such a great idea! I would paint in a background so that you don't end up with droopy people at the neck joint etc but it probably depends where you're going to put it over Christmas and how much space you have!

    Oh and if it makes you feel any better, the CD in my car has been turned over to carols and Christmas jingles! Since mid November!


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