Tuesday 26 November 2013

Festive Fashion

The boys have plenty of Christmas parties lined up over the next month so we have been searching for the perfect Party outfits for them both.

It needs to be Smart,

It needs to be comfortable,

It  must be practical, well fitting and warm.


It should be a little trendy,

Protective whatever the weather,

And the boys need to look great separately and together.

Most of all it should be easy to wear, and they should love it as much as I do.

We were sent a £50 voucher for F & F at Tesco and managed to get all of this, with a little spare change

T-shirt and Dungaree set (9-12 months) - £12

White Thermal T-shirt (from pack of 2) (3-4 years) - £6
Checked hooded shirt (3-4 years)- £8
Jeans (3-4 years) - £9
Brown Boots (size 7) - £13

There are some wonderfully smart outfits on there, but I wanted something practical for us and I think these outfits are just the right balance of smart, comfortable and Toddler-worthy.  I managed to dress both the boys for the party season, and still have a couple of pounds change which I was really impressed with.

We have already put the clothes to the test at a birthday party last weekend and the boys looked great, had no problems getting stuck in and had lots of fun.

What do you think? 

Disclaimer:  We were sent a £50 voucher for F&F kids parywear and this post is entry into a competition to win a further voucher (us mums need partywear too don't you know!  All thoughts, photos and opinons are my own


  1. Gorgeous outfits Bex, and I bet the boys will look adorable together in them. They do in the photos too! I adore dungarees on babies! x

  2. too cute ;) I am really struggling to find the perfect Xmas day outfit! Think I may resort to eBay... there's nothing u can't find there right! lol x

  3. They look adorable! Sienna has a gorgeous tartan dress from Next to wear :)

    Kerry @ Lived With Love | Mummy, fashion & lifestyle blog

  4. Babies in dungarees are just the cutest! x

  5. Love the boots. Must go and check out the jeans in Tesco. The 2 pairs we have from elsewhere - one don't have adjustable waists (totally ridiculous, and I didn't think to check when buying as I just assumed they would have), and the others are massively baggy, but those ones look just right. #TrendyThursday

  6. Cute as can be!! I really can't believe just how good F&F clothing is, but it really is! x


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