Monday 7 October 2013

My 26 Month Old

My big little man is now 26 months old and his little character is coming out more and more every single day.  He is cheeky, funny, sweet and beautiful.  He is lively, chatty and desperate to learn about the world around him.  I want to take a mental snapshot of this wonderful age.

He is growing up, and always hungry.  Despite eating a breakfast the same size as mine, as soon as he has eaten the last mouthful, he insists on asking for lunch, dinner and a snack as he is still hungry.  He could probably talk about food all day long and he loves zooming round the house on his skuttlebug going to the 'shops' for bananas and apples.

He is losing the baby talk (although still needs a translator sometimes), but my favourite word he says is crocodile, I don't know why, but it just sounds so cute! His vocabulary gives us a peek into his imagination and I can already see what a magical place it is.

He is having a few issues between you and me which can get confusing when he is desperate for 'you do it' and I am not sure quite which 'you' he means.  Things are often 'mine' instead of 'my' which just sounds a little German when he is shouting 'Mine Biscuit!'

He loves looking at photos, but if the photo is of himself from more than a few months ago he is convinced it is Archie instead. We can spend ages going through photo albums though and he loves going round the house looking at photos on the wall and letting me know who is in them.

He is a big boy and going into some of his 3-4 year clothing.  He is slimming down as he gets more active but still has very much a toddler figure.

He loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates and In The Night Garden and suddenly has found a real interest in TV, although he still won't sit still to watch it.  He likes anything with a good catchy song and is really starting to recognise things, even if he has only seen them once or twice before.

Despite breaking his leg this summer and having only been walking again for around 6 weeks, he is back to normal and has been learning to climb better at the park.  He still has a little catching up to do but I am so proud of how well he is doing.  He is really trying to jump but as yet can't get both feet off the floor together.

His favourite toys are puzzles and his pushchair.  He has moved on to 6,9 and 12 piece floor puzzles now although still needs help for some of the trickier ones.  He loves pushing Mickey Mouse around in his little blue buggy and asks to take it with him everytime we go out.

We have taken the sides off of Dylan's cot now, and he is loving his new found freedom.  He comes into our room in the morning and sits on the bed reading books whilst he waits for us to wake up and take him down stairs.  He doesn't seem particularly bothered by it at all and when he slept in a cot at my parent's house, he didn't mind at all.

He is cheeky, energetic and full of life.  A whirlwind who loves to crash, plane spot and eat biscuits and a fantastic big brother.  My 26 month old is my little buddy and I am enjoying watching him grow into such a beautiful little boy.


  1. As you know, Syd is the same age, and so many of these things are familiar! Mine is a very commonly used word currently! And we too have just lost the cot sides. I love listening to his chatter, so funny! But goodness me he keeps my hands full- I have no idea how you do it with a littler one around as well- hats off to you! x

  2. Aw bless D! Such a happy boy! Funny what you say about the photos. Leo is convinced that all baby photos are of Josh. He will not accept that they are him xx

  3. He's gorgeous. I can't believe how well he took breaking his leg and then getting up and out again. Amazing little boy x

  4. Gorgeous boy, they are growing up so fast aren't they? x


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