Wednesday 9 October 2013

Exploring Autumn with a Toddler

I love Autumn and this year I wanted to show Dylan exactly why.  I had a think about some different activities we could do to really explore the season at it's best and then invited along a few of his friends as well for some Autumn activities in the park.

Last Sunday, we met under the bandstand in the park and I had set up a few little stations with things for the toddlers to do.  15 children and their parents came along to explore with us.

Using some of the leftover Dulux paint charts from my Easter egg hunt, I made scavenger hunt cards.  Each piece of cardboard had six coloured cards on, and the children had to find something in the park for each of the colours.  I thought this would be a great way to get the toddlers talking and they soon filled their bags with red leaves, yellow flowers and white feathers.

We then used the findings of our hunt to make pictures, and the little ones loved being let loose with a glue stick and some colouring pens.

I found the idea of apple printing from the wonderful Red Ted Art, and decided we would give this a go.  I collected some apples from my parent's garden, cut them in half and stuck a wooden clothes peg in each half to be a handle.  I cut out some tree shapes on white paper and the children filled them with red and green apple stamps.

For the slightly older children, there was leaf necklaces, collecting leaves and threading them through a piece of wool to make some beautiful jewellery.

I had huge crayons and more white paper for leaf rubbing - an Autumn essential,

And of course there was a big pile of leaves for stomping, crunching, throwing and jumping.

Once these activities had lost their attention, we headed to the swings and slide to enjoy the beautifully sunny Autumn morning.  I had a great time introducing Dylan to all the natural and wonderful things Autumn has to offer, and we are on the look out for conkers everywhere we go now.


  1. Such lovely Autumn activities. It sound like Dylan had fun. x

  2. This is such a lovely idea! I will be doing things like with Sienna when she is a bit older as it's brilliant and much better than sitting in front of the TV! x

  3. This looks like so much fun! We have been some enjoying some Autumn activities, it's such a great time of year! x

  4. Sounds like a brilliant day. Such great autumn activities. I love the colour boards I will be doing that for sure with my angels. Such a lovely post and fab photos xx

  5. I absolutely love these ideas a definitely something I'd love to do with Ethan when he's older.

  6. Lovely ideas! Will have to try some of these with bob. x

  7. What lovely ideas, it looks like it was a great day. I love Autumn too. x

  8. What a lovely thing to do! It looks like so much fun, Dylan has some lucky little friends to be able to take part in Autumn fun. It is my favourtie season and I love getting out in these months xx

  9. What a fun activity and a great way for the children to learn through play. I'm sure they had a fab time and enjoyed collecting their autumn treasures for some lovely craft activities. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  10. I wish we lived closer, I'd love to come to one of your little outdoor parties! Lovely ideas x


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