Monday 21 October 2013

8 Months In

Archie has reached 8 months old and he seems on a mission to grow up.  Although he is not yet crawling, he is mobile enough to get to what he wants one way or another.

He rolls, wiggles and pushes on his legs to propel himself in all directions and is busy exploring.  Unlike his brother who was more than happy sat still at this age, Archie is desperate to be on the go and he will chew anything that gets in his way.  He is happiest on his tummy and now always sleeps on it.  I was putting him down on his side, but he immediately rolls now to get comfy.

Archie is teething rather badly, and when I took his amber anklet off for a couple of days I could really tell.  I don't know if it is co-incidence but as soon as it went back on he was like a different baby, smilier, happier and much better at sleeping!  He still hasn't got any teeth and I love the gummy baby grin but I know that it won't be long at all now.

Archie is eating three meals a day now, porridge or cereal for breakfast on a spoon and then he feeds himself lunch and dinner.  His appetite seems to be growing and he is loving trying new foods.  He seems to prefer savoury to sweet at the moment and would rather chomp on courgette than strawberry (certainly not like his mother!)

We are still breastfeeding, and despite preparing to stop at this stage with Dylan and slowly introducing bottles, I know that Archie and I are not ready to end our feeding journey just yet.  I don't really have any expectations of how long we will carry on for, but I think I will know when the time is right and it certainly isn't now.  He still feeds quite often in the day and has one or two feeds in the night as well. He usually ends up coming into bed with me at around 6am as he is hard to settle but in all honesty, I love the cuddles and will be a little sad when he starts lasting all night in his cot.

Archie and Dylan seem to be getting on better than ever and they are beautiful to watch together.  When they are in the double pushchair and Dylan is tired, he wants to hold Archie's hand and I love watching them sit like that.  When Archie gets tired or has a little winge, Dylan looks up at me and says 'I make it better', and then sings Archie Twinkle twinkle little star.  Archie loves his big brother singing to him and instantly calms down and it melts my heart to see them being so sweet together.  

Archie is still growing well and is going into his 9-12 month wardrobe now.  He weighs just over 19lb and is still very long for his age.  Dylan looks an awful lot like his Daddy but it is very easy to see my side of the family in Archie.  I think you can tell that they are brothers, but they look so different from each other still in so many ways too.

8 months into our adventures as a family of four and things are only getting better!


  1. He's adorable! I could tell when Sienna didn't have her amber bracelet on too, I really think they work! Xx

  2. Aww! He's just adorable and Dylan sounds like the best big brother, taking such good care of him. I'll second or third the amber beads too - they worked wonders with Kitty. Elma is still waiting on the teeth so we haven't needed it yet!

  3. I have always thought that Archie looks a lot more like you, and Dylan more like his daddy. I think it's nice to kind of have one each like that, although neither of mine look particularly like me (although BG is a spit of me as at her age).
    And I can't believe Archie weighs 19lbs. BB weighed that at 1!!!! Haha. x

  4. Such a cute - F is 8.5 months now and going through a lot of the same stages. It's an adorable age, although scary how fast its going and how they might even be walking before too long! x

  5. Hello Bex,
    Thank you for your post, I find it very educating, due to the fact that you have previous experience with Dylan. Loved your photos of Archie, especially the one where he sleeps on the floor. Cheers.

  6. Love the pictures of Archie in the mirror, he is such a cutie x

  7. Looking just like his Mamma in the first picture especially!x


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