Saturday 26 October 2013

Pampers and Unicef

This month I got to tick something else off of my bucket list.  I got to meet a real life spice girl!

Yep, that's right, I met Emma Bunton and she is quite possibly the most down to earth celebrity I have ever met!

Emma is an ambassador for Unicef and they have teemed up with pampers for their 1 pack, 1 vaccine campaign.  For every pack of pampers bought, they will donate one vaccine to protect against maternal and newborn tetanus to a country that desperately needs it.  Newborn tetanus should have been wiped out already, but poor access to healthcare means it is still a killer in far too many countries.

Although I am primarily a cloth nappy user, we do still use disposables on occasion and this is a campaign I fully believe in.  As a mother, my instinct is to protect my children, and I will do everything in my power to keep them safe and well.  Knowing that other mothers can't do this for their children and are helplessly watching them suffer is absolutely heartbreaking.

Since the campaign began 8 years ago, they have successfully eliminated maternal and newborn tetanus in 10 countries, helping to protect 100 million women from the deadly disease.  There is so much more that can still be done though.

Not only are pampers donating one vaccine for every pack sold, they are also donating a vaccine for every view of this video, so if you have a minute, then please take a look

Disclaimer:  I was invited along to an even with Pampers to learn more about this campaign
but I have chosen to write this post as it is a campaign I really believe in.


  1. such a good cause and yay to meeting a spice girl :) x

  2. Ooh a real life spice girl - get you! Brilliant cause - fab to see it has had such an impact xx

  3. It was such a good day, such a wonderful event and Emma Bunton is such a lovely lady! x


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