Friday 15 June 2012

Pretty Little Things - My First Picture

I have decided to join in on this linky as I am struggling to believe how much Dylan has changed in the last 10 months.  The tiny little baby that I once held in my arms is now a little boy.  I gave him a peach yesterday, whole and he ate it fine, taking bites, chewing and getting through it.  He loves playing peekaboo and reading books, turning the pages as we go.  He is trying to pull himself up and can roll around the room and get into everything.

Once upon a time, he was a squishy little newborn, still curled up, eyes tight shut and with the unmistakable new baby cry.  He was born at 5.39pm on August 2nd 2011, at 38 weeks and weighing 8lb 10oz and I knew from that moment that he was perfect.  Here is the first picture of him as we are in the recovery room.  He was about 1 hour old and had the most beautiful chubby cheeks even then.

newborn baby boy, 1 hour old baby, 8lb 10oz baby

So there is my pretty little thing.

If you fancy checking out some other 'first pictures' or joining in then hop on over to Love from Mummy for the link


  1. Aw, he looks so calm and peaceful! Amazing how they grow and change so quickly, i'd keep Riley as a baby forever if i could lol. Thanks for linking up hun xxx

    1. I love the little baby stage where they just want to cuddle all day!

  2. Wow what a gorgeous little newborn! Thanks for linking up hunny x

  3. Very cute. He looks very content :)

  4. What a lovely post, we would have been pregnant at the same time, wish I could get Addy to eat so well. x

  5. Wow he really is so cute, just like you say all 'squishy' x

  6. Oh he's so gorgeous! I miss those newborn baby cuddles

  7. Ah so lovely and cute. Isn't it lovely when they are tiny and new.


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